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The Skin of the Ghoul is a magical enchanted leather armor +4 with a base AC of 4 and +3 bonus to saving throws vs paralyzation and poison.


A clever thief, Damien Oneknife always tried to gain from the assets of his enemies, no matter the circumstances. After an intense battle with several ghouls in which two of his companions perished, Damien decided to even the odds in future encounters. He skinned one of the undead creatures and brought the hide to a halfling armorer talented in enchanting leather. When the suit was finished it was magically protective against physical attacks and paralyzation. Not very epic perhaps, but practical.


Dropped by Mayor Theshal in Ghoul Town, accessed via the Pit of the Faithless beneath The Old Tunnels during the side quest Investigate and Destroy the Cult of the Eyeless.