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Skie's Grand Plan is a side quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


The quest will automatically begin after Skie approaches you in the Ducal Place during the prologue.


Just before leaving on the march to Dragonspear Castle, Skie will awaken you to inform you that she's joined the Flaming Fists and will be joining you on your march. The next morning, you will have the opportunity to inform Entar Silvershield, who will reward you with The Guard's Ring, despite already knowing of her plans.

To be continued...


  • Belt may not appear on the main floor of the palace. This prevents or shortens a couple of dialogs which, in turn, prevents you from informing Duke Entar about Skie's plans. You can correct this by using the console command C:CreateCreature("BDBELT") while on the main floor and then talking to Belt.