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Sir William Reirrac is an NPC during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign, and especially the Paladin Stronghold Duties.

Presumably, the same person, also a Paladin and member of the Most Noble of the Radiant Heart is referred to by Prelate Wessalen in chapter 6. Depending on whether the party sided with Bodhi earlier, and if prompted through dialogue in Chapter 6, the Prelate will have a brief dialogue regarding sending help to fight Bodhi. Gorion's Ward is told:

"When you go to the graveyard to face this creature, I shall send a group led by Sir William Reirrac to fight by your side. They will meet you in the catacombs."


The Sir William Reirrac encounter is discussed in the Paladin Stronghold Duties article. As combat is unlikely to occur with this NPC, no details are provided about what would happen if attacked.

The second version will be in the Lower Tombs along with Paladin Eric Vanstraaten. Their script actions are similar, and both have dialogue. The paladin actions are centered around combat outcomes with Del and Valen vampires while the party is present in the same area.

The paladin warriors are not configured with any of the Paladin passive resistances or use of innate abilities such Lay on Hands (paladin), nor do they have use of any cleric spells.

More information about this encounter is covered in the The final battle with Bodhi quest page.

Mod content[]

Sword Coast Stratagems mod assigns a revised fighter style AI script to the paladin in Chapter 6. It allows for application of three SCS potions readied for quaffing during hostilities. Additionally, 2 pips in single-weapon fighting style are added to the creature's weapon proficiency.

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