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Sir Cadril, amused by Garrick's attempts to woo Lady Irlana - PPE Mod portrait

Sir Cadril is a Paladin in Athkatla's Temple District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. He can be found outside of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart building.

I am Sir Cadril...Knight of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. Pleased to make your acquaintance, my Lord/Lady.

— Sir Cadril


Sir Cadril is standing by while Garrick tries, miserably, to woo the Lady Irlana with lines fed to him by the nearby gnome, Cyrando.

If spoken to, Cadril seems quite amused at Garricks antics.

"It is quite amusing to watch Garrick perform these endeavors in his efforts to win the Lady's heart. I cannot wait to see what he does, next."

"The foolishness of this Garrick fellow...does he think the Lady Irlana does not see through his ruse?"

After the scene, Sir Cadril and the others eventually wander off, presumably out of the game for good.


The scene referred to with Cyrando, a Gnome (presumably having a Big Gnomish Nose) who is enlisted by his "would-be" Bard friend to woo a Lady, is most likely an homage to the movie, Cyrano de Bergerac.


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