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Simyaz is first encountered in an adjacent cell within the Mind Flayers in Underdark complex as a fellow captive.

I see we are not alone in this place. It is the worst of fates, for we are entrapped by the feared and despicable illithids.


Simyaz and his fellow githyanki captives will engage in dialogue with the party while all are being held by the Illithids in a connected cell.

Much dialogue is available, with various interjections triggered from core companions. The general gist is that the party will be able to ask questions and find out what the githyanki are doing here, and they will explain the power of the illithid in this place, because of The Master Brain. There is no way to escape, and the doors will not open to the underdark without killing it. Additionally, unless the githyanki distract the illithid with their own psionic powers, then no one will be able to leave the fighting arena. So, the party must accept the escape plan put forth.

Once the party prevails and slays the kuo-toa and other creatures in the arena, the party can escape through a door back nearby the Ogre (Mind Flayer Jailer). Eventually the party will see that the githyanki have managed to break the psionic web of the illithid. The group teleports nearby the party and has words. They do not have the power to also transport the party out and reiterate that slaying the Master elder brain thing is the only way to escape. They then leave the party behind.

Assuming the party has triumphed and escaped the illithid clutches - while traveling back to Ust Natha the githyanki are encountered again. In short, through various dialogue, the party can return the Silver Sword to them and the githyanki allow you to depart, or the githyanki will attack. If for some reason the party got rid of it, then that also leads to an attack.

In battle, Simyaz behaves as a Fighter/mage. Upon the initiation of hostilities, a sequencer fires applying Haste and Stoneskin. After this all his spell casts will be interruptible. All of the scripted spells used, and their order of use is laid out in the InfoBox.

During the battle two Psionic Ability powers are also scripted for use, directed at the closest target to Simyaz.

In melee combat the githyanki FM wields his bastard sword, but the game has assigned no weapon proficiencies to him, so gets no bonuses in combat.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems makes some changes to Simyaz. SCS revises the experience levels to 11/9 fighter/mage. The mod adds a revised default fighter mage AI script to make the githyanki do a smarter job in combat. Several Potion of Extra Healing are available for use when wound levels trigger their quaffing.

The mod also adds a +2 weapon proficiency bonus internally to the creature's THAC0. Upon the start of combat Simyaz will have the following previously cast spells applied instatly: Mirror Image, Minor Spell Deflection, Haste, Shield (spell), Ghost Armor, Stoneskin and Non-Detection.

Offensive damage and disabling spells as well as possible summoning spells are scripted for use (commensurate with a level 9 mage). No psionic abilities are scripted for use, as the spells are likely better anyway. Expect a Cone of Cold, Domination, Color Spray, Chromatic Orb and others.

If the Spell Revisions mod is installed, then those spell versions will be used by this Fighter/mage, such as Vitriolic Sphere or Waves of Fatigue included in the script.

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