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Silver Dragon Cone of Cold is an innate ability available to Silver Dragons in the game saga. This innate ability is initiated via internal creature scripting during combat. The purpose of the spell is to apply a Cold damage effect to the target and any in the Area of Effect, particularly the dragon's enemies.


The ability is uninterruptible and takes almost no time to deploy. The scripted targeting will fire over a selected single target, which is typically a enemy within the creature's sight detection range. The target and all creatures in the area of effect are subject to the effects. This projectile will impact and spread in a limited burst hit animation of silvery colored magic.

When a dragon deploys this breath weapon, a blast area exposes all within the AoE who are then subjected to a 24d10 Cold damage effect. A quick reaction Saving throw vs Breath will apply, and a successful save will half the damage. Perhaps the target was able to dive aside, roll away from the burst, or raise a shield up to deflect some of the breath weapon.


  • Any form of Cold resistance protection and or Saving throw bonus items, buffs or protections will help against the powerful blast. No magic resistance or spell protections such as Globe of Invulnerability can stop the breath attack.
  • As this breath weapon blast ability has an area of effect, a Reflected Image or Mirror Image illusion won't interact with the spell and offers no protection/decoy capability.
  • Players who have the "gore" option on during gameplay run the risk of a fallen party member getting permanently destroyed by excessive cold damage. If this occurs, the character will be "chunked" into icy fragments. This prevents resurrection and may destroy items carried by the creature. Turning this option off (temporarily) may be a wise move if the player isn't able to maintain sufficient cold damage resistance.