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The Silver Apple is a consumable item that can be found during Dorn's companion quest Dorn's bloody path, available in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

The apple has different effects based on the alignment of the character who consumes it. It restores 25% of the user's Hit Points and provides a +2 bonus to all attributes for 6 rounds - for Neutral and Good characters only. Evil characters suffer 25% loss of their maximum Hit Points and receieve a -2 penalty to all attributes for one day (resting removes the effect).


This is a silver apple from a divine tree within Lunia. The smooth surface has an unnatural lustre, and the fruit itself emits a delicious smell. Eating such an apple would undoubtedly promote good health and wellness.


  • The + 2 bonus to all attributes do stack with itself if you eat multiple apples. It is a good solution for temporary attributes boost if needed (for example for Wish).
  • The current HP value of evil characters will not be modified if it is already lower than the reduced maximum HP.
  • Multiple apples can be obtained. To do that you need to drop every time the stack you obtain to the ground. The game only checks if you have any apples in your bags and if you do it won't allow you to get more. If you drop them on the ground, however, you can get more. They stack up to 10 but can be put in a bag of holding for unlimited stacks
  • If Dorn remains alive and still tied to Ur-Gothoz, he will defile the tree and make the apples unobtainable no matter the conversation path. On your way back from the Scroll, a gathering of a dozen people will appear near the tree: a planetar and several priests, paladins and onlookers; they will recognize Dorn as the defiler and attack (a bug will cause this even if you went to the Scroll via the southeastern stairs and never saw the tree before).
  • Both the maximum HP penalty received by evil character and the heal received by good and neutral characters are rounded down, for example 28 HP for a 115 HP character.
  • With at least 164 max HP, the apple heals for more than the best healing potion, Potion of Superior Healing


Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition[]

  • The Silver Apple can be obtained from The Holy Tree in Lunia. This place is visited during Dorn's companion quest Dorn's bloody path, available in Throne of Bhaal