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Greetings, mercenaries. I am Silke, thespian extraordinaire.

Silke Rosena is an arrogant, allegedly talented musician and entertainer. She manipulates people and regularly goes back on her word.

Side quest[]

The Silke Dilemma[]

Gorion's Ward and party are hired by Garrick to defend his employer, Silke, from some 'Thugs'.

If you decline to attack the thugs, you'll have to fight Silke. As the fight begins, she casts Improved Invisibility on herself, then turns to her offensive spells: two times Lightning Bolt, followed by five times Magic Missile.

With Improved Invisibility she can't be targeted by usual single target spells but can be targeted by Wands and by spells cast from scrolls.

Killing Silke preemptively does not affect your reputation, but you will be unable to recruit Garrick and will not receive a Potion of Defense from the 'Thugs'.


  • Assuming she survives to Chapter Seven, she'll have some additional dialogue in which she asks the party how the "mercenary gig" is going. If Gorion's Ward tells her they intend to save the Grand Dukes from assassination, Silke responds sarcastically.


Jaheira will refer to Silke as an evil sorceress in Shadows of Amn if she is in the party when meeting Garrick: "Are you trying to tell me, bard, that you do not remember us? You were working for that evil sorceress, Silke, when we ran into you."


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