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Silence, 15' Radius (innate) is an innate ability available to predominantly Tanar'ri demon creatures. It is also referred to as "Tanar'ri Silence" in the script. The ability is initiated via script by the AI. The scripts usually look for party Mage and Cleric class creatures as the spell target.


The effect is directed at a single creature target's area, within detection range of the source creature and can affect other enemies of the caster in a 15' radius of the target as well.

The ability is force cast and cannot be interrupted or disrupted.

The Silence will require the target(s) to make a Saving throw vs. spell with a -5 penalty or suffer a Silence effect that lasts 60 seconds. The effect is magical and can be dispelled. Once the effect duration has expired or otherwise been lifted, the target creature will revert to its natural state.

If affected by the ability, the party member will have a lighting effect displayed over their map animation. A text message string will display "Silence" and a status effect icon (No. 34) "Silenced" is placed in the victim's portrait window.

Silence will not bypass Magic resistance and can be blocked by spell protections such as Minor Globe of Invulnerability. As the ability is school-less and has no "secondary type", Spell Immunity and Cloak of Mirroring or similar will have no interaction.