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The Shield of Harmony +2 is an enchanted and magical small shield which also provides immunity to charm- and confusion-like effects or to being held. It has a basic armor class of three.b

Audn of the Field, Knight-Champion for the wizard Kekkim, carried this shield for most of his life. It protects the bearer from most forms of mind control, a benefit for a wizard who needed warrior allies to stay faithfully at his side. Both Kekkim and Audn have long since returned to the earth, leaving the shield to whomever might recover it from Kekkim's tower.

— Shield of Harmony


Shadows of Amn[]

Throne of Bhaal[]



  • Original games two letters logoBaldur's Gate I & II Classic
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    In the original Baldur's Gate II, in addition to all mages, characters with the kit of an enchanter aren't able to use this shield.



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