The Shield of Balduran is an enchanted and magical medium shield +3 in Shadows of Amn which weighs 4 lb and offers an armor class bonus of 4. It reflects the rays of beholders. The only disadvantage of wearing this shield is that it lowers the strength of the wielder by one point while in use.
This shield was worn by the hero Balduran. It is part of a set of weapons and armor that was stolen from the museum in the city of Baldur's Gate.

— Shield of Balduran



It is highly advisable to bring this shield before embarking to the Underdark. While Cloak of Reflection will prevent the rays from killing you and Chaotic Commands from messing with your head, their "Anti-Mage ray" has a Dispel Magic component. Items that grant immunity to some of the psionics and especially charm immunity are needed to be able to kill them without this shield. The battles become much longer however as you will be held or stunned on occasion. You will remain unkillable, so it needs to wear off or you need a party member to cast Remove Paralysis at the risk of that unprotected party member becoming the target of their affection.

The Cloak of the Sewers is a more affordable alternative to handle the beholders as part of the Cult of the Eyeless quest, but it's Mustard Jelly polymorph time is limited, requiring one to sleep multiple times in order to clear the entire lair should one want to.



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In Balduran's ImageEdit

Don the sword, shield, helm, and plate of Balduran.



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