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Mother told me not to talk with strangers.

Shelligh is a small child collecting wild berries in the South Beregost Road area. He is found next to the road not far from the northern entry point for the area. He's only present between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm.

When the party questions the boy they learn that his mother thinks he's at Betsie Finkle's house. However he doesn't like staying with his friend Betsie as her grandma smells funny.

If the party expresses concern, he explains how he once outran a gibberling, or as he calls it, a 'Grass Monkey'.

Shelligh considers himself safe enough as he's near the town and is small and quick, and because bandits are only interested in people carrying iron ore.


Leave me be. I'm pickin' fruit for Mommy. Every little bit helps, she says, so I'm gonna help.

1-Do your parents know where you are?
Momma thinks I'm playin' at Betsie Finkle's house, but her grandma smells funny so I never go over there. I just told Momma I was there so she wouldn't worry. I'll pick some fruit or berries or whatever, and Momma can make pies to sell or something. I'm safe 'cuz I'm small and quick.
2-Isn't it dangerous for you to be out here?
Yeah, I s'pose. I'm fast though, and town is only a little ways away. I was chased by a gibberling once, but Bunky's dad is a guard and he smacked that grass monkey like it had never been hit before. They keep clear of town. Bandits don't go for kids much, neither. They only hit ya if you're packing ore to town. I gotta get back to pickin', okay?
3-Little brat shouldn't be out in the woods alone. Go on, get!
Tough bunch o' jerks, huh? Think you can push me around just 'cuz you're big? Well, when I'm growed up I'll smack you so hard you'll starve to death doing cartwheels! Just you wait!

After the dialogue is completed, Shelligh leaves and disappears.