Shar, also known as Nightsinger, is a neutral evil greater deity of darkness, the night, loss and forgetfulness.

She is worshipped by those who deal in the night, who hate the light and who feel bitterness and loss. Since ancient times she has been in bitter feud with her twin sister Selûne and their fights caused the creation of several other gods, including Jergal and most notably Mystra, who in time also became Shar's enemy. Shar is also the mother of Mask.

The Dark Moon heretics believe that Shar and Selûne are two sides of the same goddess.

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  • Viconia DeVir
    • "Shar looks upon us with favor."
    • "Lil alurl! For Shar!"
    • "Shar! Save me from the spider queen's vengeance."
    • "Nightsinger, give me power."
    • "Shar is a goddess of conviction and purpose."
    • "Shar... take me..."
    • "Praise to the Nightsinger."
    • "Shar guides my hand."
    • "Bleed for Shar!"
    • "I serve Shar above all others, but I shall remain with you... for now."
  • Alorgoth
  • Gamaz
  • The Dark Moon Brotherhood
  • The Dark Moon heretics


Unlike most other temples in the games, the temples of Shar do not offer any services.


  • The statue of Shar in the last area of her temple in the Cloud Peaks appears to be based on this artwork from D&D 3.5 Faiths and Pantheons[1]


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