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Shank is a would-be assassin who makes an attempt on the life of Gorion's Ward. He approaches the Ward after entering the Priests' Quarters. He approaches you as soon as you enter the building, and any response you give leads to a fight. He only does 1 damage on a successful hit, 2 on a critical hit, and he does not hit very often.

When Gorion's Ward reaches the city of Baldur's Gate, conversation with Sanadal Gwist reveals that Shank is her brother.


"Oh goodie goddie! I've gone and found ye first! You are the ward of Gorion no doubt?"

1- I am. What can I do for you?
Oh, our encounter shall be quite simple for you. Plainly put, I have made it my mission to end your life. Success will mean a little respect among my peers. So you see, you can do very little, except die!
2- I do not recognize you. Who are you and what are you doing here?
Who I am is unimportant, but who YOU are is very much so. I apologize for this dirty bit of business, but I must seek your death. A pity, I know, but it would seem your head is worth an exceptional amount to me. I kill you myself and I need not share credit with anyone.
3- Leave me be! I have pressing matters that I must attend to.
Far be it from me to keep you from your pressing matters, but I must insist on a moment of your time. The last moment, actually. I apologize for not fully explaining my motives, but I am on a rather tight schedule and exposition is simply not my forte.

If you haven't encountered Carbos in the Bunkhouse yet, a Journal entry will appear when you leave the building.

Someone wishes me dead! Gorion is right to think we are no longer safe here, though I have no idea why someone would want to cause us harm. The attempt on my life may have been laughable, but I fear there will be more threats to come.

— Journal

Parda approaches you outside when you exit the building.

Baldur's Gate II[]

Both Shank and Carbos return (somehow) in Baldur's Gate II. They are found in the Bridge District of Athkatla, the capital city of Amn, where they fight over a woman named Bubbles. The victor is randomly determined, though Bubbles leaves out of boredom regardless of who survives.


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