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Shallen is a human Archer in the ruined Temple of Bhaal. Gorion's Ward can meet her during the Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear campaign.

Something strange is going on with the high priestess. I hear... unsettling sounds at night.


Shallen is one of the people (and Umber Hulks in higher difficulties) standing around Darskhelin in the Reliquary room like guards.


Like her other companions, Teth Se-Nehi, Mohad Flintborn, and Jhan Redmoons, she is hostile from the very beginning and will attack any party member she notices. As an Archer equipped with Acid Arrows, she is pretty good at missile offense, as she is also equipped with the unique amulet Archer's Eyes, among other more mundane stuff, which raises her Dexterity by two points to 17, improving her ranged THAC0 as a consequence, and her AC as well. She will also use her Called Shot special ability during combat.

Notice also that Shallen is of good alignment, something which is not the norm for the party's opponents.


This group isn't necessary to be fought in order to proceed with the main story, but confronting the Mind Flayer who has invaded the temple with his company is required in order for The Eyeless Priestess quest to be completed, giving more clues about the temple's current state and extra dialogue with Madele if she hasn't been freed yet. Also, defeating Darskhelin and his company provides the party with the opportunity to loot some notable magical items, and with the option to get the wardstone from Akanna without a fight, if they are able to speak with her afterwards.