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Shakedown in Shantytown is a quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


The first time zone around the Iron Throne Headquarters is entered, Gorion's Ward will witness Riggs, an officer of the Flaming Fists, berating a refugee named Byzon about not having enough, knock him down, then leave. Speaking with Byzon further will begin this quest.


You can find Riggs to the west of the entrance to the Iron Throne building. Initially Riggs will be belligerent but he realizes he's facing Hero of Baldur's Gate and gets a dressing down from Captain Corwin, he quickly gives in, giving you the 150gp that he took and promising to go straight.

Returning to Byzon, Gorion's Ward can either return the gold and gain 300 experience, or keep the gold and no experience.