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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Shadows over Soubar is a mega-mod for Shadows of Amn that adds the town of Soubar and surrounding coutryside, as well was a few expansions to Athkatla.

The mod's very long quest-line centers around saving Soubar from an army of bandits.


Soubar is threatened by bandits who have curiously formed an army. But before the party gets to deal with them, they have to become burglars, cross a raging river, join a militia and rise through its ranks, and more...

How to start[]

Talk to Selence in Waukeen's Promenade during chapter 2.
This starts the mod's main quest-line, which eventually leads to Soubar in chapter 6.

(Or see the walkthrough for ways to skip Selence's portion of the quest-line.)

External links[]

(For the mod's main website/forum/download page, see the infobox above.)