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Shadowheart is a Half-elf Cleric and possible Protagonist or companion in Baldur's Gate III. She willingly undertook a ritual to remove her memories in order to protect the secrets of her fellow Shar worshippers. Loss and pain are sacred to her, but her faith is now being tested like never before.

Character Creation[]

Background: Acolyte Eyes: Green Skin: Cool Hair: Black


Saving Throws:

  • Wisdom
  • Charisma


  • History
  • Insight
  • Medicine
  • Religion

Other Proficiencies[]


  • Simple Weapons
  • Morningstars
  • Spears
  • Pikes
  • Halberds
  • Glaives


  • Light Armour
  • Medium Armour
  • Shields

Features and Traits[]

Civil Militia
Darkvision (12m)
Fey Ancestry
Blessing of the Trickster


  • Circlet
  • Chain Shirt
  • Leather Boots
  • Shadowheart's Clothes
  • Tasteful Boots
  • Shadowheart's Underwear
  • Mace
  • Studded Shield
  • Scroll of detect Thoughts
  • Camp Supply Sack
  • Alchemy Pouch
  • Keychain
  • Potion of healing
  • Scroll of Revivify
  • Mysterious Artifact


Spell Casting Abilities: Wisdom


  • Firebolt
  • Resistance
  • Guidance
  • Sacred Flame

Level 1[]

  • Shield of Faith
  • Protection from Evil and Good
  • Sanctuary
  • Bane
  • Charm Person
  • Command
  • Bless
  • Cure Wounds
  • Healing Word
  • Guiding Bolt
  • Disguise Self
  • Inflict Wounds
  • Create or Destroy Water


Daughter of Darkness[]

Continue travelling with Shadowheart.

  • We learned that Shadowheart needs to reach Baldur's Gate to fulfill a mission for her goddess - though the details of that mission are a mystery.
  • We recruited a half-elf named Shadowheart. She was also aboard the nautiloid - and infected with a parasite.


Not playing as Shadowheart[]

If you play as any other character, you will find Shadowheart locked in a pod in the nautiloid. She can be left in the pod or released via several methods.

If she is released, she will join your party as you proceed to the helm. She will then be found unconscious near your starting position. She will be grateful you helped her.

If she is not released, she will be found a little further on, pounding on a locked door. She will be unhappy that you left her in the pod and may fight you.

If you do not interact with her in the beach, or if you take a long rest immediately upon arriving at the beach, she can be found in the Druid Grove.

Playing as Shadowheart[]

You will start the prologue in the normal starting location, and the pod in which you usually find Shadowheart will be empty. The artifact will be found next to you on the ground, and you will be prompted to pick it up and bring it to Baldur's Gate.

Later, the beach will have no other party members, which will make the initial fight with the intellect devourers significantly tougher. To compensate, there will only be two instead of three intellect devourers. But if Shadowheart is downed, then you will experience an immediate game over. (It is possible to bypass this fight by climbing/jumping up the rocks to the right of where you can first see the intellect devourers. If you come back later with two or more party members, there will be three of them to fight.)


This could use serious improvements! The idea is to log interactions between characters, player, detecting what increases and decreases approval, what events can be triggered and how to trigger them, and what classes and/or races have alternate conversation options and path.


  • Shadowheart likes people who are open minded and rational.
  • Shadowheart likes animals; things like petting the Owlbear or Scratch will gain approval.


Default Conversation[]

(Shadowheart): Something the matter? (Player): I want to talk about all that's happened to us. (Shadowheart): Fine. What's on your mind? -(Player): How am I holding up in your estimations? If player is neutral approval: -(Shadowheart): I must admit, you've been a surprise, and not an unplesant one. Kindred spirits are few and far between for me. If player saved shadowheart on the nautiloid: -(Shadowheart): Besides, you saved my life aboard the nautiloid. How can I do anything but sing your praise?

Emerald Grove[]

(Shadowheart): This place seems remarkably tense for a sacred grove. Perhaps we shouldn't linger. But let's at least see if there's a healer to be found, first of all.


  • Shadowheart is a follower of Shar.


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