Baldur's Gate Wiki
Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the BG1+BG2 mod Shadow Magic.

Baldur's Gate[]

QUEST: Finding Kryn's apprentices[]

  • Walk through the left portion of the Friendly Arm Inn courtyard, and "Kryn Darkflame" teleports in.
    Ask about his purpose here, and he tasks you with finding his missing apprentices (who have gone mad) and collecting their staves.
  • The five apprentices are all Shadow Magic users, and attack you when you meet them – so you have to kill them to get their staves. You can visit them in any order:
Shadow Magic mod Chang Yuke screenshot

Chang Yu'ke fighting a player-summoned Nighthaunt

  • For each staff that you bring back to Kryn, he pays you 1000 gp.
    Once you've handed in all five, he additionally gives you 10,000 XP, a magic amulet, and possibly[6] two scrolls.

Baldur's Gate II[]

No quests.

Shadow Magic Scroll Vendors[]


  1. "Staff of Nym Phaundal", item code C0SAMAG4.
  2. "Staff of Xarius the Black", item code C0SAMAG1.
  3. "Staff of Ivette Cold-Whisper", item code C0SAMAG5.
  4. "Staff of Chang Yu'ke", item code C0SAMAG2.
  5. "Staff of Mak'kai", item code C0SAMAG3.
  6. Only if there are any Shadow Magic users among your party.