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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the BG1 mod Shades of the Sword Coast.

The quests are independent of each other, and can be done in any order, unless otherwise specified.

This walkthrough groups the quests by the chapter or expansion they can first be started in.

Chapter 1 to 3[]

Shadows Below the Friendly Arm Inn[]

Shades of the Sword Coast mod Friendly Arm basement screenshot

third basement level

  • At the Friendly Arm Inn, talk to innkeeper Bentley Mirrorshade and ask for work. He wants you to clean out the intruders that have forced their way into the catacombs undeneath the inn. Agree.
    From the tavern floor, take the hatch(800.200) in the kitchen down to:
  • Basement level 1 [1]:
    There are hostile dire rats here, and minor loot. Take the circular staircase(600.600) down to:
  • Basement level 2 [2]:
    More rats, carrion crawlers, and minor loot. Take the circular staircase(600.550) down to:
  • Basement level 3 [3]:
    You are immediately accosted by the evil fighter Leilo. There are two ways to deal with him:
    • CHOICE: Kill him.
      350 kill XP, and you get to loot his equipment.
    • CHOICE: Convince him to leave.
      If your protagonist has 15+ CHA, you can instead talk him into realizing that his boss considers him expendable. He leaves, and you get 400 XP (but not his items).
      Either way, take the circular staircase(480.450) down to:
  • Sanctuary [4]:
    Klarinn, a priest of Bhaal, immediately initiates dialog and mentions a lost unholy symbol. No matter what you say, he attacks you together with his wolf Apsu and a summoned skeleton warrior. Defeat him, and optionally loot his body and the nearby chest for treasure. Then exit the way you came[5].
  • Back on the tavern floor, talk to Bentley Mirrorshade again and explain what happened.
    (If you tell him that you looted his cloak from the catacombs, he lets you keep it. As for the lost symbol, he does not know where it is, either.)
    You receive 1000 gp, 1,200 XP, and +1 reputation.
  • ADDENDUM: When you later find the "Symbol of Bhaal"[6] during the quest "The Bone Collector" (see below), you can show it to Bentley – who tells you to get rid of it.

Circles of Interest[]

Shades of the Sword Coast mod purple portal cave screenshot

The purple portal's cave

  • At the Friendly Arm Inn, when you leave the main building for the first time, the scholar Mal'meto(3400.2600) approaches you.
    He wants you to retrieve four magic spheres that are accessible through invisible portals.
    He gives you a note with clues, and a ring[7].
  • You can only see and enter the portals while you're wearing the ring he gave you, so either wear it all the time or put it on in the right places. Each portal leads to a small pocket plane with a lootable container holding a magic sphere, that spawns some monsters when you loot it. You can loot the spheres in any order:
  • Bring the four spheres to Mal'meto in his house(3600.2800) in the Friendly Arm Inn courtyard. He wants to perform a ritual with them, once you are ready.
  • Tell Mal'meto you are ready, and he teleports your party and himself to the stone circles at Lion's Way. There, he performs the ritual, but it goes wrong and kills him. You get 6,000 XP, and the "Energy of Planar Shades"[12], a returning throwing weapon that does magic damage, jumps into your inventory.

Beetles, Dreams and an Old Man[]

  • ...

Amber Flower[]

Shades of the Sword Coast mod amber flower screenshot

The amber flower cutscene

  • In Beregost, talk to the halfling Otter O'Forest(2400.300) in the center-top part of the outdoors map. His buddy is sick, and the only medicine is a magic flower that can only be seen at night. Agree to help.
  • Travel to the Nashkel Mines outdoors map, and check the bare black tree in the top-right portion. At night[13], a flower(3950.650) can be seen growing underneath it. Click it, and a cutscene plays in which the flower "speaks" and allows you to take it.
  • Bring the flower back to Otter O'Forest in Beregost. You receive 750 XP and a magic quick-use item[14].

Snooping Around[]

  • OPTIONAL: Use the wardstone to snoop around.
    • While you have the wardstone in your inventory, a portal(100.200) is visible in the left part of the outer corridor in Thalantyr's tower.
      (If the golems in this corridor are harassing you, either talk to Thalantyr once to turn them neutral, or just avoid or kill them.)
    • Enter the portal to arrive in Thalantyr's bedchamber[16], where you can loot three chests for some low-level treasure.
    • Here you can also get the mini-quest "Bibliophilia" – see the next section.
    • Use the return portal to get back to Thalantyr's tower.
  • Regardless of whether or not you used it, you can give the wardstone to Thalantyr for 650 gp and 150 XP. (Note that after you do this, there is no way to access his bedchamber again.)


  • In High Hedge, the quest "Snooping Around" (see the previous section) gives you access to Thalantyr's bedchamber[17]. Click the bookshelf there, which responds by talking to you. It promises not to tell Thalantyr about your intrusion, and asks you to bring it the book History of Shadowdale XIII.
  • The book can be found in various locations in the game world. Once you have a copy, bring it to the talking bookshelf. You receive 550 XP and a magic quick-use item[18].

Ice and Ore[]

  • In Nashkel, talk to the gnome Kulul Huggerglitter who stands by the bridge near the top-left map corner. He wants to research the effects of magic cold on iron ore. Show an interest, and he asks you to find some magic ice for him.
  • On the island's outdoors map, loot the spiky rock(550.600) near the bottom for a piece of "Everice"[19]. Then complete Shandalar's quest to return to the Sword Coast region.

The Melting Man[]

  • In Nashkel, talk to the boy Brat(1100.300) who stands outdoors on the left side of the inn. He claims that he saw a melting man in a cave to the north.
  • Travel to the Area North of Nashkel, and enter the tiny cave(1600.3500) in the bottom-left portion. Inside[21] is Boohady Cream, who looks like a melted blob. Talk to him to learn that he was cursed by a Madame Potpourri.
    (Optionally express sympathy, to learn the extra clues that the Madame likes colors, sweets, and gambling.)
  • Travel to the Nashkel Carnival, and enter the left one of the two large gambling tents, to talk to Madame Potpourri. She admits that she cursed Mr. Cream because his name made her think of icecream. She carries a potion[22] for dispelling the curse.
    • CHOICE: Buy the potion from her for 300 gp.
    • CHOICE: Ask to buy it, but then claim you don't have that much money. She gives it to you for free just to get rid of you.
    • CHOICE: Kill her (15 XP, no reputation loss), and loot the potion off her body.
  • Bring the potion to Boohady Cream in his cave. He takes it but refuses to use it, because he likes being a blob now. You receive 650 XP and a magic shirt[23].

Into the Manhood / Into the Womanhood[]

  • In Nashkel, walk to the right of the garrison to see a cutscene of an embarassed child(3900.2070) being called stupid.
  • Talk to the child.
    If your protagonist is male, then it's a boy who asks you what it means to be a man.
    If your protagonist is female, then it's a girl who asks you what it means to be a woman.
    Regardless of how you respond, you receive 100 XP and the child leaves.

Stronghold and its Shadows[]

Shades of the Sword Coast mod gnoll shadow realm screenshot

The gnoll stronghold shadow realm

  • In Nashkel, talk to the gnome Sistriya(2800.2700) who stands outside the Belching Dragon tavern. She wants you to retrieve three personal items that she hid while she was imprisoned by gnolls.
  • Fight your way across the stronghold fortifications, to the left-most prison pit. Descend into that pit, and click the wall symbol(400.1400) there[25].
  • Your party arrives in a shadow realm[26] that looks like a small portion of the Gnoll Stronghold, but grey and sinister and with shadow monsters instead of gnolls. Explore this realm to find Sistriya's items:
    • Descend into the large central pit(900.1300), to find Sistriya's book[27]. (Other containers on this outdoors map contain optional minor loot.)
    • Enter the large crack(900.700) in the central castle wall, to arrive in a messhall[28] with some nice optional loot on the shelves.
    • Take the side-door(800.400) in the messhall to enter a small room[29] with stairs going further down to a small basement[30]. In this basement, loot the pile of rubble for one half of Sistriya's notes[31].
    • Back in the messhall, this time take the door(100.700) at the end of the hallway, to arrive at a purple cave[32]. Defeat the Shadow Master and his minions here, and loot the face(1200.600) on the ground for the second half of Sistriya's notes[33] and some nice optional loot.
    • Return to the shadow-realm outdoors map, climb the stairs to the upper level of the fortifications, and go around the tower. Enter the door(1200.500) here, to get to a small chapel room[34] where the hostile Shadow Prophet guards some nice optional loot.
    • To exit the shadow realm, click the wall symbol(400.1400) in the pit where you first arrived on the shadow-realm outdoors map.
  • Deliver the three quest items (1 book, 2 notes) to Sistriya in Nashkel.
    You receive 2,200 XP, 2000 gp, and a magic wand[35].

Carnival and the Missing Brother[]

  • At the Nashkel Carnival, talk to Tayn(2900.2700) who stands outdoors among the tents. He tells you that his brother went missing in the nearby wilderness.
  • Find the cave entrance(4150.900) in the top-right portion of the same map, and enter it[36]. As you approach the chest in here, it transforms into a "Firce Young Mimic" and attacks. Defeat it, and then loot it for the "Hairy Hand"[37] and some treasure[38].
  • Bring the hand to Tayn. He confirms that it belonged to his brother, and leaves. You receive 450 XP.

Ormyrrs' Peak[]

Shades of the Sword Coast mod ormyrr corpse screenshot

adorned ormyrr corpse

  • From the Gnoll Stronghold outdoors map, take the bottom-left map exit(0.3500) to arrive at the new worldmap location "Ormyrrs' Peak"[39].
  • Fight your way past snakes and bug bears, and enter the tunnel(1200.1700) to arrive on top of the central platform on the same map.
    There lie two corpses of monsters called "ormyrrs", whose disembodied consciousnesses initiate dialog with you. They want you to adorn them with five ornaments. You can procure the items in any order:
  • Crown of Silver Leaves[40]:
    • Dropped by the "Psychopath"(4300.3000) who stands below the bridge on the Gnoll Stronghold outdoors map.
    • Place it in the "container" on the left ormyrr's head.
  • Golden Teeth[44]:
    • Exit the Ormyrrs' Peak map via the bottom map edge, to reach yet another new worldmap area, "Mountain Cemetery"[45]. There, loot the teeth from a grave(1200.300) near the center-top of the map.
    • Return to Ormyrrs' Peak and place the teeth item in the "container" on the right ormyrr's mouth.
  • Once you've correctly placed all five items, the ormyrrs initiate dialog again, and reward you with 2,150 XP and a treasure location.
  • Return to the Mountain Cemetery map, and at the feet of the statue by the graves, loot the container(1280.160) that wasn't visible before for a magic robe[46] and other loot[47]

Doggy Life, Doggy Death[]

  • On the "Mountain Cemetery" map[48] that you can reach via Ormyrrs' Peak (see the previous section), optionally click the second-from-the-left grave's gravestone(800.100) to see its inscription "Boghar Paw, Aged 21. Loved dogs."
  • Pick up the "Dog Bones"[49] near the bottom-right corner (2100.1400) of the same map.
  • Place the dog bones in the the aforementioned grave(850.150). A voice from the grave thanks you, and you receive 200 XP.

The Echoed Cry[]

  • At the Nashkel Mines, optionally talk to the "Crying woman"(1100.600) who stands outdoors on the ledge above the mine entrance. She implies that her husband went missing after buying an unusual sword.
  • Make your way down the mines (which is also part of the chapter 2 main plot, so do that concurrently).
    On the third subterranean level, you encounter the kobold "Rovo, The Unlikely Hero"(2100.2600) on a lava bridge near the bottom map edge. He shouts something about "his new sword", and then attacks. Defeat him, and loot the katana "Juu-san"[50] from his body.
  • Talk to the crying woman on the outdooors map with the katana in your inventory. She wants you to keep it, and leaves. You receive 150 XP.

Unusual Shards[]

  • Once you have all four shards in your inventory, they automatically fuse into the "Unusual Shards"[52] item, and a quest journal entry pops up to call your attention to it.
  • Place the item into a party member's quick slot, and activate it. This frees a demon knight called "Kimrayor, The Shard-Shatterer", who thanks you by attacking you. Defeat him for 12,000 XP, 2000 gp, a magic sword[53]some magic loot, a magic ring[54], and minor loot.

The Tree of Shades[]

  • Basilisk Caves level 1: [55]
    • This small cave contains a hostile basilisk. Take the tunnel(600.300) in the back to get to:
  • Basilisk Caves level 2: [56]
    • There are multiple basilisks and spiders here, and some minor loot. Take the doorway(1300.400) on the right wall to get to:
  • Basilisk Caves level 3: [57]
    • Even more basilisk, spiders, and loot. Optionally take the easy-to-miss top-left tunnel(450.150) to visit level 4.
    • OPTIONAL: The mini-quest "My Very Own Hideout" starts here - see the next section.
  • Basilisk Caves level 4: [58]
    • This cave contains a small beholder[59] that you can fight, and some loot on the wall. This is a dead end, so return to level 3.
  • Basilisk Caves level 5 and 6: [60]
    • Back at level 3, take the downward ramp(450.150) within the central structure, to get to a cavern which is empty except for a large pit in the ground
    • Descend into the pit, to get to a strange room with a black tree. Talk to this "Tree of Shades"[61], to learn that it feeds on people's experience. This completes the quest.
  • You can now optionally feed memories to the tree, or return to do so later.
    For each memory, your protagonist loses 3% of his or her total experience points – in return, the tree summons a reward that you can then pick up from the tree trunk.
    The tree randomly chooses from the following memories. (For the quest ones, you have to successfully complete the corresponding quest first):
Memory Reward
Gorion's death magic returning dart[62], 500 gp
The quest "Circles of Interest" 3 diamonds, 2000 gp
The quest "Amber Flower" minor loot[63], 1500 gp
The quest "Beetles, Dreams and an Old Man" minor loot[64], 750 gp
The quest "Stronghold and its Shadows" minor loot[65], 3200 gp
The quest "Eight-Legged Misery" magic headgear[66], 1100 gp
The quest "Ormyrrs' Peak" magic quick-use item[67], minor loot[68]
The quest "The Cult of the Dragon!" magical staff[69], minor loot[70], 300 gp
The quest "Shadows Below the Friendly Arm Inn" minor loot[71], 150 gp
The quest "The Parted Lovers of Ulgoth's Beard" magic quick-use item[72], minor loot[73] 650 gp
The quest "The Dungeon of the Carnal Challanges" magical mace[74], minor loot[75] 300 gp
  • Once you've fed six memories to the tree, it gifts you a magical scimitar[76] and goes dormant.

My Very Own Hideout[]

  • In the Area East of Beregost Temple ("Mutamin's Garden"), when you explore the Basilisk Caves (see the previous section), on the third cave level[77] loot the "Bizarre Hand"[78] from the locked chest(750.900) in a tiny room of the central structure.
  • Open the hand's item description in your inventory, and click the "Investigate" button. A dialog window opens, and presents a little puzzle that consists of activating the hand's fingers in the correct order.
    (There are no hints for this; you are meant to use trial-and-error until you get it right. The solution is: Index finger, little finger, thumb, middle finger, ring finger.)
    Once done correctly, the hand dissolves into dust, and the "Glowing Wardstone"[79] appears in your inventory.
  • Open the wardstone's item description in your inventory, click the "Investigate" button, and select the option to let the stone take you.
    Your party is teleported to a small pocket plane[80]
  • In the pocket plane, loot the tent for a note[81] from the hideout's previous owner. You get a journal entry and on-screen message confirming that you claimed this hideout.
    You can safely rest here[82], practice with the two sparring dummies[83], and store excess loot in the containers.
  • Return to the normal game world by using the wardstone again.
    From now on, you can come back to the hideout anytime you want by using the wardstone.

Eight-Legged Misery[]

Shades of the Sword Coast mod spider tunnels screenshot

The spider tunnels

  • Enter it to reach a small lower level[84], where the ghost girl Czaya immediately initiates conversation.
    She tells you that during the attack on the Ulcaster school, the crack in the wall behind her opened and spiders came out and took her friends.
  • Enter the crack to reach a maze[85] of little caves connected by clickable wall openings.
    Explore the maze (and kill the many spiders you meet along the way) until you reach the exit in the very bottom-left corner of the map.
  • Take that exit to reach a new round cave map[86]
    Approach the center of this map to get attacked by "Ssimkh, the Ghost-Feeding Spider". Fight it.
  • Once Ssimkh is near-dead, a cutscene plays in which the ghost children take their revenge on the spider.
    Czaya appears and gives you 2,400 XP.
    Don't forget to loot the spider's exoskeleton and stash of magic items, and then exit the way you came.

The Inactive Golem[]

  • In Peldvale (the area east of the Friendly Arm Inn), find the "Damaged Golem"(4300.2100) in the center-right part of the map. You notice it is inactive, and has a hole in its head.
  • Walk to the bottom-left part of the map, and loot the barrel(1400.3400) by the lake for a Golem Brain.
  • Bring the brain to the golem, and insert it into its head. It activates, and immediately attacks you. Defeat it for 13,000 XP.

Disrespected Flowers[]

  • At the Bandit Camp, talk to the "Gardener"(2400.2200) who stands on the platform in the bottom-left part of the map.
    He wants you to kill the bandit Garclax who has peed on his flowers.
  • Enter the cave on this map, to find Garclax with several fellow gnolls. Kill him.
  • Report back to the gardener, for 750 XP and a magic healing flower.
  • ADDENDUM: From now on, he trades you another healing flower for every 5 bandit scalps you bring him.


  • Listen to her story and agree to let her live, to get 100 XP.

The Midnight Dog[]

Shades of the Sword Coast mod midnight dog screenshot

The midnight dog disappearing

  • In Gullykin, talk to the halfling Michalina(2800.400).
    Show an interest in her sleeping troubles, and she tells you about a scary dog that comes and stares at her every night.
  • Agree to wait with her, and a cutscene plays in which the game time fast-forwards to midnight, the dog comes, and runs off. Michalina asks you to follow the dog.
  • Walk to the bottom-left village exit (200.1300), to see the dog again.
    Each time you get close to the dog, it runs off again. Keep following it, until in the top-right portion of the map the dog disappears into a crack(4000.900) in the rock wall.
  • Enter the crack to arrive in a cave[87].
    In the little pond in the main cave, you see the dog magically disappearing, as if it had fulfilled its purpose.
    The wall recess(200.300) in the top-left side-cave contains a "Halfling's Body"[88]. Take it.
  • Bring the body to Michalina. She tells you that it is a missing village member, and rewards you with 1,400 XP and a magic flute.

Big Appetite in small Gullykin[]

  • In Gullykin, talk to the merchant Manko Rubbleslide(950.750). He wants three rare cooking ingredients. You can procure them in any order:
  • Deliver the three ingredients to Manko to get 1,100 XP and 1000 gp. His store now also sells additional magic items.

Final Rest of Firewine's Soldiers[]

  • At the Firewine Bridge area, walk to the left gate of the bridge, and enter the door(2000.950) on that gate's right tower.
    Inside this small room[92] is an empty chest and a table. Click the table to bring up a note[93] which suggest that three soldiers were supposed to hand in their swords here in order to be relieved of their service.
  • You need to find the three close-by "Old Bastard Sword"[94] items, in any order:
    • Walk to the right gate of the bridge, and enter the door(3400.1950) on that gate's right tower. Inside this small room[95], a tiny lootable spot(210.290) on the ground contains one of these swords.
    • On the outdoors map, at the base of the arch structure to the right of the bridge, a tiny lootable spot(4440.2020) in the grass contains one of these swords.
    • On the outdoors map, in the canyon just below the bridge, a tiny lootable spot(1900.1500) on a pile of rocks contains one of these swords.
  • Re-enter the left gate's right tower(2000.950), and inside this small room (where the quest started), place all three Old Bastard Swords into the empty chest(150.300). The swords disappear – apparently, you've put the soldiers' spirits to rest by completing their final task.
    You receive 500 XP, and a magic consumable item[96] appears inside the chest for you to loot.

Kobolds Dream Too[]

  • At Baldur's Gate Bridge, meet the friendly kobold Zee on the east side of the map (which is already accessible in chapter 1).
    He tells you of his dream to become a shopkeeper.
  • ADDENDUM: From now on, you can find Zee inside the "Old Tower"[97] on the Friendly Arm Inn map.
    He sells mundane equipment and special consumables, and pays you a better price than other merchants[98] for loot you sell to him.

Chapter 4[]

Fungal Friendship[]

  • In the Second Cloakwood, enter the small cave(4200.3000) in the bottom-right map portion. Inside[99], you encounter a human soldier next to a myconid that he considers his friend. He wants you to heal the creature's injury.
  • As soon as the creature is back at full health, the soldier initiates dialog again, and rewards you with 1,750 XP and a Wand of Cloudkill.

Apex Predator[]

  • In the Fourth Cloakwood, the nymph Y'Uula(1200.2700) initiates conversation when you walk through the forest left of the bridge. She wants you to kill a predator animal that was let loose and has become a danger to the other animals.
  • Travel to the Cloakwood Mines outdoors map, and find the "Starfang Tiger"(2800.3100) near the pond in the south. It attacks you on sight; defeat it.
  • Report back to Y'Uula for 2,150 XP and a magic consumable[100] that grants permanent +5% fire resistance.

Chapter 5[]

Infesting Light[]

The Ghost Ship[]

  • In South Baldur's Gate, talk to the gnome Haustro(2800.2400) who stands on the bottom-right pier. Offer to help, and he opens a portal to a ghost shop off the shore – he wants you to investigate it and remove the threat.
    Step into the portal, to arrive at:
Shades of the Sword Coast mod ghost ship screenshot

the moss-covered sails of the ghost ship

  • Ghost ship ▸ bowels [105]:
    • Loot the "Skeleton Legs"[106] from the cupboard(800.750) in the bottom room.
    • Loot the "Skeleton Arms"[107] from the bed(600.870) in the bottom room.
    • Optionally loot the letter[108] from the desk(550.650) in the bottom room. It hints at what you have to do with the skeleton parts.
    • In the top room, place all four skeleton parts[109] into the large bed. This causes the Skeletal Captain to wake up and initiate dialog. You must get rid of him, which you can do in one of two ways:
      • CHOICE: Attack and kill him.
      • CHOICE: Complete his side-quest. (See the next section). Once done, he promises to leave.
  • Once the Skeletal Captain is gone or has promised to leave, report back to Haustro.
    You receive 2500 gp and 1,500 XP, and the portal closes.

The Skeletal Captain and His Sons[]

  • In South Baldur's Gate, the quest "The Ghost Ship" (see the previous section) lets you meet the Skeletal Captain on a ghost ship off the coast. He asks your help to find the remains of his sons, who came to the Sword Coast and died there.
  • Bring the remains of the three sons to the Skeletal Captain on his ship. He thanks you, and you get 1,750 XP and your choice between a returning dart[116] or a magic scimitar[117].

Cult of the Dargon[]

  • In North Baldur's Gate, near the center-left edge of the map, Jaryo Iklaja(300.1800) initiates conversation and asks you to stop a dragon cult from forming a base in the region. Agree.
  • Travel to the Area West of High Hedge (also know as "Shipwreck's Coast"), and enter the cave(3700.2600) that wasn't there before, on the large rock to the bottom-left of the map center. You arrive inside the:
  • Dragon cult entrance cave [118]:
    Shades of the Sword Coast mod dragon cult screenshot

    a dragon cult acolyte in the entrance cave

    In this cave, and the three tiny side areas for the "houses", there are a total of 15 dragon cultists[119] and their pets. Kill them, and pick up the 15 holy symbols[120] they drop.
    Then click the rope on the hole in the ground(1150.1500) near the entrance, to climb down to:
  • Dragon cult passage [121]:
    To the left stands an undead guardian called "Tanar'ri Bones", who guards the sealed exit to the sanctuary. You have two options for passing it:
    • CHOICE: Violence.
      Walk to the left in your normal outfits. Once you come close to the "Tanar'ri Bones", it turns hostile and attacks you. This is a tough fight. Once you defeat it (18,000 kill XP), the map exit(50.150) in the top-left corner opens up.
    • CHOICE: Disguises.
      Make every member of your party wear[122] one of the robes[123] that were dropped by the cultists on the previous level. Then approach the "Tanar'ri Bones" – it identifies you as members of the cult, and opens up the map exit(50.150) in the top-left corner for you without a fight.
      Either way, take that exit to get to:
  • Dragon cult sanctuary [124]:
    The cult leader[125] initiates dialog, and attacks you together with the monstrosity of bones and flesh[126] he was building. Defeat them both, and then loot the room for the 16th holy symbol[120] and optionally some nice treasure.
    Make your way out the way you came; On the passage map, if you didn't kill the "Tanar'ri Bones" earlier, it drops dead now which grants you 9,000 XP.
  • Return to North Baldur's Gate, and report back to Jaryo Iklaja. He takes the 16 holy symbol[120], and you receive 3,250 gp and 4,100 XP.

The Bone Collector (a.k.a. Missing Halfling)[]

  • ...

The Dungeon of the Carnal Challenges[]

  • In the Undercellar below Baldur's Gate, talk to Dustin(200.1700) by the side-exit at the end of the bottom-left corridor.
  • ...

Chapter 6[]

Skeletal Mother[]

  • In the Candlekeep Catacombs, talk to the undead but non-hostile "Skeletal Mother"(2300.60) in the top corridor of the first level. She appears to be looking for her children.
  • Find the three "Child's Skeleton"[128] items in these catacombs:
    • One can be looted from the corpse pile(900.500) in the top-left room of the first level.
    • One can be looted from the cobwebs(900.1000) in the spider room of the first level.
    • One can be looted from the table(2900.2200) in the bottom-most side room of the second level.
  • Once you have all three child skeletons in your inventory, talk to the Skeletal Mother again. She leaves with them, and you receive 1,200 XP and a magic quick-use item[129].

Expansion "Tales of the Sword Coast"[]

The Parted Lovers of Ulgoth's Beard[]

  • ...

Expansion "Siege of Dragonspear"[]

Friend Like No Other[]

  • ...

Random encounters[]

Man and His Hatchet[]

  • ...

Pregnant Wolf[]

  • ...

A Magic Barrel![]

  • ...


  • ...

Item upgrades[]



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  14. "Cup of Amber Hope" ("Amber Shield" 1/day), item code L#AMBRE.
  15. Item code L#HIGKE.
  16. Area code L#HIG1.
  17. Area code L#HIG1.
  18. "Book of Swirling Stones" (Magical Stone 1/day), item code L#HIGBO.
  19. Item code l#iceic.
  20. "Tome of Lore", item code L#ICERE.
  21. Area code L#MEL1.
  22. "Madame's Potion", item code L#MELPO.
  23. "Shirt of the Melting Man" (armor slot; +4 save vs Enchantment spells), item code L#MELSH.ITM.
  24. Minsc's quest Rescuing Dynaheir, and Edwin's quest Edwin and Dynaheir, are mutually exclusive – but each of them is compatible with "Stronghold and its Shadows".
  25. It's only there if you took Sistriya's quest.
  26. Area code L#GNO1.
  27. "Book", item code L#GNOQ1
  28. Area code L#GNO2.
  29. Area code L#GNO4.
  30. Area code L#GNO5.
  31. "Notes", item code L#GNOQ2.
  32. Area code L#GNO3.
  33. "Notes", item code L#GNOQ3.
  34. Area code L#GNO6.
  35. "Wand of Hold Undead", item code L#GNOWA.
  36. Area code L#MIM1.
  37. Item code L#MIMHA.
  38. "Pendant of a Brawny Mage" (cursed; +2 AC; +1 casting speed; -4 THAC0 penalty), item code L#MIMAM.
  39. Area code L#ORM1.
  40. Item code L#ORMCRO.
  41. Item code MISC41.
  42. Item code RING06.
  43. Item code AMUL14.
  44. Item code L#ORMTEE.
  45. Area code L#ORM2.
  46. "Robe of the Living Archmagi" (AC 5; +1 saves; 50% chance to regenerate 6 HP when hit); item code L#ORMSTA.
  47. 1 Rogue Stone, 4000 gp.
  48. Area code L#ORM2.
  49. Item code L#ORMDOG.
  50. Item code L#RNI7.
  51. Item code L#SHAGE.
  52. Item code L#SHAGS.
  53. "Sword of Shard-Shatterer +3" (two-handed; non-good, non-lawful only; cursed; Horror on enemy on each hit; +10% MR; +2 AC vs paladins), item code L#SHADM1.
  54. "Oolanglar'toll" (non-good only; cursed; +2 AC; +50% fire resist.; protection from backstab), item code L#SHADM2
  55. Area code L#BAS1.
  56. Area code L#BAS2.
  57. Area code L#BAS3.
  58. Area code L#BAS4.
  59. "Fierce Gauth"
  60. Area codes L#BAS5 and L#BAS6.
  61. By clicking the selection circle at its base.
  62. "Returning Dart of Fate +1", item code L#BASR1.
  63. 1 Potion of Explosions, 15 ziose gems
  64. 4 [[[Potion of Extra Healing]], 1 Dagger +1
  65. 2 [[[Potion of Extra Healing]], 1 Potion of Invisibility
  66. "Mask of an Alpha Wolf", item code L#BASR2.
  67. "Shell of Ranger's Shot", item code L#BASR3.
  68. 5 Arrow of Slaying
  69. "Staff of the Umar Witch", item code L#BASR5.
  70. 5 Arrow of Slaying
  71. 1 [[[Potion of Extra Healing]], 1 [[[Potion of Regeneration]], 1 Bastard Sword +2
  72. "Horn of Inspiration" (1/day: +2 THAC0 to the whole party for 2 rounds), item code L#BASR4.
  73. 1 Potion of Frost Giant Strength
  74. "Fierce Swirl +2" (strikes as +3 weapon; +3 dmg vs. [[[Thief|thieves]]; +1 druid casting speed; +1 breath save), item code L#BASR7.
  75. 1 Potion of Regeneration
  76. "Nature's Fang +2", item code L#BASR6.
  77. Area code L#BAS3.
  78. Item code L#HNDHA.
  79. Item code L#HNDST.
  80. Area code L#HND1.
  81. Item code L#HNDNO
  82. By talking "to the hideout", i.e. the selection circle in front of the tent.
  83. By attacking the sparring dummies with weapons or spells. You get no XP or in-game bonuses from this, however.
  84. Area code L#ULC1.
  85. Area code L#ULC2.
  86. Area code L#ULC3.
  87. Area code L#HAL1.
  88. Item code L#HALBO.
  89. Item code L#SHOQ1.
  90. Item code L#SHOQ2.
  91. Item code L#SHOQ3.
  92. Area code L#FIR1.
  93. It's shown as an on-screen message, not an in-game Note item.
  94. Item code L#FIRQ1.
  95. Area code L#FIR2.
  96. "Wine of Final Rest", item code L#FIRQR.
  97. Area code L#KOB1.
  98. 75% instead of the usual 50% of an item's nominal value
  99. Area code L#MYC1.
  100. "Fireblood Herb", item code L#APERE.
  101. "Halo of the Infesting Light" (cursed; -20% fire resist. penalty, -2 HP penalty, +4 arcane caster level bonus); item code L#LIGWI.
  102. Area code L#HAU1.
  103. Item code L#HAUS3.
  104. Item code L#HAUS4.
  105. Area code L#HAU2.
  106. Item code L#HAUS1.
  107. Item code L#HAUS2.
  108. "Unusual Note, item code L#HAUB1.
  109. Torso, skull, legs, arms
  110. "Bones of a man", item code L#HAUSS1.
  111. Area code L#ULG2.
  112. "Bones of a man", item code L#HAUSS2.
  113. Area code L#ORM2.
  114. Area code L#ORM3.
  115. "Bones of a man", item code L#HAUSS3.
  116. "Returning Bone Dart +2" (cursed; -2 CHA penalty; strikes as +4; returning; casts Larloch's Minor Drain on kill); item code L#HAUR2.
  117. "Bone Scimitar +2" (cursed; -2 CHA penalty; strikes as +4; lowers death save on hit); item code L#HAUR1.
  118. Area code L#CUL1.
  119. "Cult of the Dragon Acolyte"
  120. 120.0 120.1 120.2 "Cult of the Dragon Symbol", item code L#CULSY; needed for completing the quest.
  121. Area code L#CUL5.
  122. In the armor/robe slot of their inventory.
  123. "Cult of the Dragon Robe", item code L#CULRO.
  124. Area code L#CUL6.
  125. "Cult of the Dragon - Base Leader"
  126. "Cult of the Dragon Monstrosity"
  127. Potion of Invisibility
  128. Item code L#SKEQ1.
  129. "Skeletal Pipes" (summon skeletons 1/day), item code L#SKEPI.