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The Shade Lich is a powerful Lich entombed in a crypt chamber located in the The Old Tunnels which may be found as part of the Investigate and Destroy the Cult of the Eyeless questline. When first found, the crypt is temporarily inhabited by outcast cult members. Speak with Sassar there. The Shade Lich is an integral part of the Restore Kangaxx's body questline. The Shade Lich guards body parts of Kangaxx, which are stored within the sarcophagus. If a player interacts with the sarcophagus and attempts to open it, the Shade Lich will rise from the Crypt Floor, and regardless of anything the party may say - eventually turn hostile. It will attempt to destroy you, the would-be Crypt robbers. The name Shade Lich is derived by the fact that no name is mentioned directly as to this creature's actual name, however the game combat screen identifies it as the "Shade Lich".

Shade Lich Abilities[]

This creature receives passive "always on" and non dispellable powers from items equipped in certain slots. The items are not droppable or stealable. These items are:

  • RING95.ITM for general Undead protections
  • LICH.ITM for Lich specific protections/abilities
  • LICH02.ITM equipped as the Lich's touch attack weapon

See the infoBox for a breakdown of immunities and special powers.


  • For a realistic challenge this encounter should be undertaken well before the party has access to High Level Class Abilities or the upgraded Mace of Disruption. Being over leveled for the given encounter will render the creature's difficulty design parameters and scripted actions insufficient to provide a fair opponent. Consider tackling this encounter before 3 million experience points.
  • Any detected summoned creatures may trigger a Death Spell from the lich.
  • If able, the lich will try a Time Stop at some point in the battle, probably followed by some symbol spells.
  • It also blasts damage dealing spells over itself to hurt party members up close to it with Sunfire. There are more spells scripted for use including Summon Efreeti.
  • A noticeable omission in the creature's actions is the lack of any use of combat protection removers, spell protection removers or even use of any type of remove/dispel magic. It won't know if any of those protections are present, and it can't do anything about them even if it did. The player can use this to their advantage.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of Sword Coast Stratagems Mod will improve the Shade Lich's AI noticeably over the basic and unmodified game versions of the creature. If the SCS "Smarter Mages" component is also installed, this Lich will be even more formidable, in that it will utilize triggers, sequencers and contingency abilities. This component also works with the game difficulty settings, and this could mean that a Lich will also have access, and use, Mage High-level class ability powers.

SCS makes the Shade Lich a Level 30 Necromancer (it could also be an enchanter, conjurer or invoker - depends on the installation variable). Many different memorized spells are assigned and most are different than the unmodded Lich shown in the main info box. Examples include (not all are listed): Shield, Spook, Horror, Ray of Enfeeblement, Remove Magic, Protection from Fire, Skull Trap, Spell Thrust, Contagion, Greater Malison, Stoneskin, Breach, Cloudkill, Protection from Acid, Spell Shield, Animate Dead, Death Spell, Disintegrate, Protection From Magic Energy, Protection From Magical Weapons, Finger of Death, Khelben's Warding Whip, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Symbol, Death (wizard), Imprisonment, Energy Drain, Spell Trap, Spellstrike, and Time Stop.

In addition, Mage HLA's are available, including Comet, Dragon's Breath (spell), Energy Blades (wizard), Improved Alacrity and Summon Dark Planetar.

All SCS liches can see invisible creatures, and this cannot be blocked or dispelled.

This creature will employ a Fear Aura ability, an innate power with a fairly large area of effect. A saving throw with a penalty negates, but it is unaffected by spell level protections and magic resistance. It causes a Panic effect and lasts a turn.

If the SCS "More Consistent Breach" component is installed, a level 5 Breach Spell can target a Lich, which it cannot in an unmodified game. However, SCS changes Breach to be blocked by all of the Spell Protection options such as Spell Shield, Spell Deflection, Spell Turning and Spell Trap.

The Spell Revisions mod will replace the Lich's memorized spells with the SR versions. It leaves the innate abilities alone.

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