The grates on the ground in all areas of Baldur's Gate are not just decoration; they are passageways to three areas with connections to the whole of the city, even the Iron Throne and palaces. They make for a useful shortcut.

West sewers Edit

Central sewers Edit

Exit to the Ducal Palace in the west, second passage from the top

Baldur's Gate Sewers East Edit

AR 0226 Ogre Mage and Carrion Crawler pets at 1335, 1590. These creatures are the target of a quest Missing Citizens given by Flaming Fist member Scar. Loot includes: Bastard Sword +1, Ruby Ring (Sashenstar's Ruby Ring in BG:EE), return the ring to Scar; do not sell it and be carefull when interacting with Farmer Brun in Area North of the Friendly Arm because he will would take any Ruby Rings should the player return his son's body and offer him gold. Should the worst come to the worst, the quest can still be completed without the ring, but Scar will give a lesser reward. A possible solution is to find another ring; there is one in Durlag's Tower)

Undercellars Edit

Assassins Slythe and Krystin engage in dialogue at the center of the crossroads of the undercellars. Reward for killing them: 8000 XP, Invitation to Coronation, Letter, Dagger +2, Sling +1, Short Sword of Backstabbing, ten Bullets +1, ten Bullets +2, Potion of Master Thievery, third level spell scrolls Clairvoyance, Flame Arrow, Non-Detection, Protection From Normal Missiles, Skull Trap, Vampiric Touch, fourth level spell scroll Monster Summoning I, and 132 GP