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The Seven Suns building is the local operations base for the namesake trading coster in the city of Baldur's Gate. It is located between the Flaming Fist Headquarters and the Iron Throne Headquarters in the district of Southwest Baldur's Gate. The Potion Shop and a general store are located behind the building and it faces the waterfront. The front door is unlocked.


Ground and Second Floors[]

Entering the ground floor, you are immediately spoken to by one of three merchants standing near the front door. A brief conversation reveals that shapeshifters have infiltrated the coster. This information is important for correctly carrying out The Seven Suns side quest for Scar. Two more merchants are located on the second floor. There are no lootable containers on either floor.


A single doppelganger is down here guarding Jhasso who is the leader of the trading coster and is being kept captive in the basement.


  • Both of the barrels are empty