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A Servant can be found in palaces and in some of the houses of wealthy nobles throughout the Sword Coast. They don't provide any meaningful help or information, but they do offer some limited dialogue for those who like to converse with all the creatures they come across.

In Baldur's Gate, they will inquire about your presence in the house of nobility where they may be employed or, in Chapter Seven, lament about the death of Entar Silvershield.

In Siege of Dragonspear, they appear following incidents within the Ducal Palace. They also appear in a couple of cut scenes.

In Shadows of Amn, they either are left to lament the murderous deeds by the fallen knight Anomen Delryn or they end up being killed by Trolls.

No! Please! Don't punish me anymore!

— de'Arnise Keep servant

Help me! Please!

— servant attacked by a troll


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