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Senior Priestess Sallinithyl is a lawful evil female sahuagin cleric who may be encountered during Chapter 4 in the Underwater City.

We have a heart, surface <PRO_RACE>... a heart that you can return with to Ixilthetocal and claim as Villynaty's. The guard of the City-of-Caverns will be down, and we will be able to strike.


The Senior Priestess is related to Royal High Priestess Senityili - She is supporting the rebel faction and is an advisor to Prince Villynaty.


If the party has managed to enter the rebel area with the Rebel's Orb in their possession, then an audience with the Prince can occur. The Senior Priestess will join in the dialogue with the Prince and the player's party.

She will pitch the idea of the party taking the Fake Rebel's Heart back to King Ixilthetocal in order to facilitate a surprise attack on the King's forces by the rebels.

Note:Her role in the rebel plans to take down the King is discussed further on The prophecy of Sekolah page.


  • As the reader can probably tell by the stats and immunities listed in her InfoBox, the game does not mean for this creature be destroyed whether by force or accident. She casts no cleric spells and is not a combatant even if the party is hostile to the rebel faction.


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