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Senior Armagaran Vulova is a nobleman who is found in his estate in the Government District during Chapter 3 if you have decided to side with Bodhi in the Shadow Thieves/Vampire guild war. Senior Vulova is the head of a merchant house with ties to the Shadow Thieves. For Bodhi's second task, which must be performed for her in order to receive her help in finding Imoen, killing Vulova is one of two choices that are presented by the vampire.

The option to let Senior Vulova live is possible but he sic's his guards on the party none the less.


What? Who are you? I demand to know what you are doing in here!

1a- Fine. I am here to kill you and to blame your murder on the Shadow Thieves.
Wh-what? But... my guards! They will stop you!
Not likely. They haven't stopped me yet. Consider your options here.
My... options...? Please! Please....
1b- I have been sent to kill you, but if you hide yourself for a time, I may not have to.
What? What are you talking about? Guards! Expel this fool!
That's not likely to happen. They haven't stopped me yet. You have no options.
My... options...? Please! Please don't kill me! I have a wife and two...
Three! Three children! Oh, and they are beautiful! And they love their father! And they have shining futures! Please don't kill me! Oh please!
Calm down. I won't kill you. You hide for a while, perhaps in some other town.
Thank you ever so much! You won't regret this! You won't!
Guards! Kill them while I run! Now!