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Selfish (Abyss) is a sub map area and connected to The Abyss area map.

It is reachable during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7, Part 2. A descending staircase on the main Abyss area map transitions to this Test of Selfishness area.

On the map[]

  • There are no Automap markers on this area map.


When ready, descend a long staircase down to this new area.

The party will transition and is placed on a landing, with several more steps descending to a level floor, below.

Further ahead is observed a winged Fiend. It will initiate starting dialogue with the party if any move forward.

Note that the opening dialogue exchange differs if this is the player's first test for one the Tears of Bhaal attempted.

This test scenario is covered in the Finding Irenicus in Hell article page.


There is one nonvisible container in the very last chamber of this area. Within can be had several Potion of Extra Healing (×3) as well as some gold.


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