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Seeking Sword is an innate spell ability available to Priest of Helm Cleric kits in the game saga.


Seeking Sword

This spell creates a sword in the character's hand that cannot be dropped or unequipped. The sword is enchanted as a +4 weapon and provides a +4 THAC0 bonus, but no damage bonus. It deals 2d4 damage to any target it hits. The weapon sets the character's number of attacks per round to 3 and lasts for 1 round per level. While it is equipped, the wielder cannot cast further spells.


The spell is interruptible and has a casting time of 5 (except at level 20+ when the casting time becomes 3). The priest casts this ability upon oneself only. If successful, the innate spell will play a 3D graphics effect upon the caster as well as a sound effect and the Priest will be equipped with SW1HSEEK.itm, the temporary Seeking Sword item.

Note: As an "innate spell", multi and dual-classed characters "cast" Seeking Sword at the average of their class levels, rounded up.

The Seeking Sword is weightless, strikes as a +4 enchanted item, with a speed factor of 1 and range of 1 and is vulnerable to Dispel Magic. The blade inflicts 2d4 slashing damage, which can be modified by strength bonuses. The weapon provides a +4 THAC0 bonus only for the Seeking Sword. No Weapon proficiency points affect this sword, regardless of the wielder's proficiency with or without swords of any type.

The weapon sets the wielder's base Attacks per round to 3. Other sources of APR boosting can further modify this value.

Unlike the Chesley Crusher, sources of additional attacks per round - for example dual-wielding APR weapons like Belm or Kundane (that can be wielded by a Priest of Helm/Thief with Use Any Item) or sufficient dual-classed Fighter or Ranger levels - can increase also this APR value. Haste effects also work as normal. It can also be dual-wielded with a normal weapon in the off-hand.

Upon a successful hit on a creature with this sword, the weapon will play a small graphic animation on the target.

While the Seeking Sword is equipped, Arcane and Divine spell casting is disabled, but innate and item abilities can still be used.