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Sea's Bounty Tavern (Pirates' Hideout) is a hidden cave hollow behind the Tavern, within the hillside overlooking the Athkatla Docks area. There is a large pool of brackish water in the cave as well. Torches and oil lamps shed some illumination in the dank interior, and a brazier with coals glows against one wall with a pot of some simmering gruel upon it. Various crates, barrels and cargo netting are piled about the cavern walls.

A Pirate Captain and some of some of his current crew are inside the hideout. Apparently, they have paid a fee to The Thumb for the purpose of having a secret and secure cave to conduct business, stash contraband and hide from authorities. When you move aside the secret wall panel in the tavern and descend a few rock-hewn steps, you are immediately addressed by the Captain, who is not pleased with your uninvited disturbance.

What?! Some lout has discovered our hide-out, here, has he? Blast! I paid that bloody Thumb good money for secrecy! Kill the bloody spy, mates! I'll have no word of this leaking out!

— Pirate Captain

You will face the Pirate Captain, Three Pirate Crew and a Pirate Mage. They are fond of hurling missiles from a distance and then engaging in melee when in close quarters. The Captain is a skilled swordsman, and crossed blades many times before. The Mage will try and assist in your demise by way of arcane energies but poses no physical threat.

Should you triumph, then after combat, their booty can be claimed from the pool, including 1,100gp, a Pearl Necklace and two Pearls. Some other equipment can be found on the recently deceased. No one will know about any of this, as "Dead Men Tell No Tales", and Thumb will be trying to keep this episode a secret as well. Could be bad for his cave rental business if the word got out.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
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As is standard for the Sword Coast Stratagems mod, the creatures are revised by SCS AI scripts to enhance their tactical intelligence and combat behavior. With the "Smarter Mages" component, the spell casting pirate has a Minor Sequencer prepared, and when hostilities ensue the mage will initiate a contingency that launches several protective spells upon himself. Then offensive spells will be cast at you, the intruder, as long as the mage is not disrupted and able to do so. Note that the Pirate Captain is a skilled swordsman, and can dish out and hit frequently with his enchanted blade. See the individual creature page for more information. See also the screenshot above showing the combat text and initial spell casts in a SCS and Spell Revisions modded game in BG2EE 2.6.