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Sarevok Anchev's quotes presents lines spoken by Sarevok, together with the associated sound files.

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With Aerie[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Sarevok: What is this I see? A wingless bird. How fitting that you should flop along with this group, eager to prove your worth.
Aerie: I have already proven my worth. To everyone as well as myself.
Sarevok: Brave words. But I think you mouth platitudes you can't even understand.
Aerie: It... it doesn't matter what you think. I am no frightened elf within the circus anymore. I've learned enough so that evil like yours makes me only feel pity.
Sarevok: Pity, is it? You should feel fear instead, girl. Were <CHARNAME> not your companion and protector, you would be nothing before me.
Aerie: Think what you like. It is you who are nothing before my god and before my faith. Baervan and Aerdrie Faenya would both sweep you as if you were dust before them.
Sarevok: Bah! They come at your beck and call to protect your miserable life, do they?
Aerie: They protect me. But seeing as even <CHARNAME> was once enough to defeat you, and that was a long time ago, you shouldn't go asking for more than you can handle.
Sarevok: Keep thinking that, girl. You haven't a clue what true evil is.

With Anomen[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Sarevok: I see your eyes upon me, cleric. Quit your glares or I'll pluck out your eyes with my sword, I swear.
Anomen: You could try, abomination. I doubt you would succeed. I merely wonder at how, exactly, you managed to worm your way into the ranks of this group!
Sarevok: By being useful. Something you would know nothing about.
Anomen: Well, you blackmailed <CHARNAME> in return for your information, that's true... but I fail to see what use you provide now. Perhaps <CHARNAME> should simply kill you again.
Sarevok: My use is in my sword and my skill. I have no whining petulance to draw on, as you do. And my <BROTHER/SISTER> shall do as <HE/SHE> pleases, so quit your mewling and begone.

If Sarevok is no longer evil :

Anomen: You have changed, Sarevok. Your new outlook is apparent even to me. Only... I wonder if this is not some sort of act to cater to the hopes of our leader.
Sarevok: It is no act, cleric. It is also none of your business.
Anomen: On the contrary, <CHARNAME>'s safety is my duty, and I wonder at your motives.
Sarevok: My motives may not be as blindingly apparent as your own, fool, but they are also not as superficial.
Anomen: Well, do astound me with your sheer depth, then, Sarevok. What is it you hope to gain by traveling with <CHARNAME>?
Sarevok: Redemption.
Anomen: Redemption? You must be joking.
Sarevok: Redemption. Among other things. Now begone... were it not that <CHARNAME> calls you a friend, I would cut you down where you stand for your impudence.

With Cernd[]

Sarevok: I have had enough of your constant flinching, druid. Do you have something to say to me or not?
Cernd: I... I apologize, Sarevok. I know that there are reasons for your presence amongst us, but... you seem so unnatural to me that I cannot help but be repelled.
Sarevok: You have encountered many things far more unnatural than me. How about the mortal spawn of an evil god... does that not strike you as unnatural in any way?
Cernd: At... at least it is still birth and life, Sarevok. It is part of the natural cycle. Even a Bhaalspawn dies in a natural manner. You are a dead thing that has risen again.
Sarevok: The same would be true for any undead creature.
Cernd: But you are not undead. You are as the tree stump, sprouted again into a full oak. A marvel, perhaps... but also living denial of the natural cycle. I just find it... disturbing, is all.
(If Sarevok is still evil:)
Sarevok: Get over it quickly then, druid. The next time you flinch in my presence, I shall be forced to run you through. Then let's see if you can accomplish rebirth as I did.
(If Sarevok is no longer evil:)
Sarevok: Then we have little to say to each other, druid. I live again for a purpose, and I will not fail it... Your disturbances mean nothing to me, so stay out of my way.

With Dorn[]

Sarevok: I like you, Dorn. We've much in common.
Dorn: High praise.
Sarevok: Indeed. It's a shame you're a fool.
Dorn: Normally, I'd slay you for that—but I imagine you're used to dying by now.
Sarevok: I'd never allow myself to be bound to an otherworldly master.
Dorn: No. You're bound to <CHARNAME>.
Sarevok: I serve <HIM/HER> only so long as <HE/SHE> serves my interests.
Dorn: Tell it to someone else, Sarevok. Tell it to yourself, if it makes you feel better. I know the truth.

Sarevok: Where were you trained, half-orc?
Dorn: Trained?
Sarevok: You had no formal education? No mentors?
Dorn: My skills are borne of battle and blood, not leeched from some aging fool.
Sarevok: Speak ill of Winski Perorate again and you will regret it.
Dorn: Regrets? I've had a few. I doubt casting aspersions upon your precious mentor will ever be counted among them.

With Dorn and Korgan[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Dorn: ...and so I threw him into the volcano!
Korgan: Hah!
Sarevok: Well, what else COULD you do, really?
Korgan: He could've thrown 'im off the volcano.
Sarevok: Off the volcano? What would be the point of that?
Korgan: None that I can see, but you asked what else he could do.
Dorn: I think we're all agreed the fool ended up where he belonged.
Korgan: Got that right.
Sarevok: Ah! My loins ache to spill innocent blood.
Korgan: Meself, I'd settle for some guilty blood.
Dorn: I'm sure <CHARNAME> will give us ample opportunity to shed blood by the bucketful.
Korgan: Yeah, but that's fer business. Where's the joy, I ask ye?
Sarevok: It's said that those who do what they love never work a day in their lives.
Korgan: Y'know what I love?
Dorn: The screams of your victims as you cleave them in twain?
Korgan: Well, that too, but I was actually thinkin' of somethin' more in the tankard of ale area. Preferably served by a nice, jiggly bar wench.
Sarevok: Your words paint a pretty picture, dwarf.
Dorn: A little abstract for my taste.
Sarevok: Fah! You just lack the imagination to visualize the scene.
Korgan: I lack the ale and the bar wench.
Dorn: Only for now. Some time soon, the three of us shall visit a tavern.
Sarevok: We'll drink and brawl till it's a smoking ruin!
Korgan: Hah! I cannae wait!

With Edwin[]

Sarevok: What is it, mage? You spare no opportunity to examine me, and I would know why.
Edwin: I do not like walking with the enemy. I can barely stand keeping my allies so close, and yet here I am consorting with you!
Sarevok: Ah, so you are the great loner, ready to assault the world on your own. Foolish.
Edwin: Is it? You were no more content as a lowly member of the team than I.
Sarevok: I rose to power by choosing whom I followed carefully and surrounding myself with beings of power. My tactic has not changed and will be fruitful in the end.
Edwin: Well, I suppose I should be grateful to be included. I look forward to being a part of your next defeat.
Sarevok: You remind me of a younger me, mage, before I was slaughtered and sent to the pits of Hell. Think on that before you burn your bridges.

With Haer'Dalis[]

Sarevok: Your sideways glances begin to annoy me, bard. Say your piece or drag your eyes elsewhere!
Haer'Dalis: Forgive this sparrow's curiosity, my fierce hound, but my eyes are drawn of their own accord. You have walked where every mortal must eventually go, though precious few return as you have.
Sarevok: And what of it? Do you think I learned some great secret there? The meaning of life, perhaps? Or some similar foolish notion?
Haer'Dalis: Nay, I am far too busy living life to wonder at its meaning. But perchance you could share your experiences with me... it could make a most fascinating dramatic work.
Sarevok: My experiences? Suffering, tiefling... suffering you cannot fathom. Each level of pain worse than the first, each layer of torment bringing new tortures.
Haer'Dalis: Such passion in your suffering! Imagine a story in which you take me, the author, on a journey through these levels of the Abyss... it is the stuff of a literary masterpiece! Tell me more, Sarevok!
Sarevok: Beneath the suffering is a constant fire. An incessant, horrible burning—the rage and fury of Bhaal searing my immortal soul. No! I will not relive the agony of that inferno for your amusement!
Haer'Dalis: Ah, your decision is a great loss to literature. Should you change your mind, my armor-plated hawk, come and find me. I already have the perfect title for the work: Dalis's Inferno.

With Hexxat[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Hexxat: So it was you who caused <CHARNAME> so much trouble on the Sword Coast.
Sarevok: Bringing order to the Sword Coast is considered "trouble" now, is it?
Hexxat: History is written by the victors.
Sarevok: And how will your history be written, vampire?
Hexxat: None have written of me yet; I doubt any will start now. In death I shall be no different than I was in life: in the shadows, forgotten, naught but whispers and secrets.
Sarevok: How terribly, terribly boring.

With Imoen[]

Imoen: What... what was it like to die, Sarevok? Seeing as you've been through the experience repeatedly, I can't help but wonder if you've developed some... perspective on it?
Sarevok: Do you intend for me to believe that a weakling such as yourself has never needed to be revived by a priest? Bah! I imagine this group has gained a discount at the temple of Helm for you, dear sister.
Imoen: Yeah, but that's different. That's just some blackness and it's like, "Oops, here you go!" I don't think I've ever been really, really dead like you have.
Sarevok: Keep prodding me, and that could quickly change.
Imoen: Oh, you don't fool me. I'm an archmage, after all... and you're nothing but bluster. Tell me what I want to know!
Sarevok: The knowledge would do you no good now, dear sister. And by the time you need it, it will be too late. Now leave me be... your constant chirruping is giving me a headache.

If Imoen gave part of her soul to Sarevok :

Imoen: So... Sarevok. You've had an itty-bitty piece of my soul in there for quite a while now. What's it been like?
Sarevok: *sigh* Well, other than a slight obsession with my weight and the resurgence of a few pimples, it's been simply grand. Now leave me be, girl.
Imoen: No, I'm serious. Does the fact that you've got a piece of me inside you make any difference at all? Tell me... you owe me that much.
Sarevok: What do you wish to know, girl? What are you curious about?
Perhaps you would be interested to know that I can feel the knives of Irenicus, slicing into my skin, torturing me. I can feel his hands and his breath, I *know* what he did to you, girl...
Imoen: All—all right, stop... I wasn't really serious...
Sarevok: How about the agony you felt as your soul was ripped from you? The despair at being left only with the cold voices of your tainted heart, discovering what was inside you all along?
How about the hurt you keep deep down within, wondering if you weren't good enough for Gorion? Wondering why you're a Bhaalspawn? How about the loneliness... the unrequited longing you—
Imoen: Stop! Enough... I won't bother you, Sarevok, just—
(if Sarevok is still evil:)
Sarevok: You are pathetic, girl. When the true Bhaalspawn come to claim your essence, I hope you bring yourself not to flop onto your back at the first hint of danger!
Imoen: I... I was enough to help kill you once, Sarevok! And I'll stand by <CHARNAME> to the end, just you wait. It was... obviously a mistake to talk to you. Excuse me.
(if Sarevok is no longer evil:)
Sarevok: I feel many things, Imoen. And I know that you are stronger than you think you are.
Imoen: I... thanks, Sarevok. I guess. Um... excuse me...

With Jaheira[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Sarevok: What is that I smell? A burning rage? Hatred barely controlled? Jaheira, your eyes threaten to cut out my heart as I stand.
Jaheira: Walk where you will. My fight with you is over.
Sarevok: Is it? I had hoped my last bid for power would have had a more enduring impact. The memories of the victims are all that remain of it.
Jaheira: You are nothing to me. You are a phantom, a shadow of an evil already faded. I will remember your defeat and nothing more.
Sarevok: My... defeat. Of course, I understand. I am nothing because if I AM something, then you failed, didn't you? You worry that the avenged will not sleep if their tormentor has returned.
Jaheira: Your existence is an insult to Gorion and every life you took, so I deny you, just as nature's grand cycle has denied you and spat you back upon the surface.
Sarevok: Harsh words, nature's warrior. You cut to my soul raising questions of who or what I am, and I have no answer... But I can *live* with that.
Jaheira: You *exist*; you do not *live*. You will miss the Great Mother's embrace in time. You are nothing.

With Jan[]

Jan: You know... Binky, I've been considering this plan of yours that you had with the Iron Throne and all that. Interesting ideas... but flawed.
Sarevok: Binky?! You had best not be addressing ME, gnome!
Jan: For instance, whose idea was it to put impurities into the iron? Sounds like the lame idea of some yes-man underling who didn't know when to quit. No doubt you had him flogged.
Sarevok: I will not have my past commented upon by the likes of you, churl. Quiet yourself lest you experience worse than mere flogging.
Jan: Speaking of a good flog, I'm brought to mind of poor Aunty Sara. She too had a master plan to take over the Sword Coast, you know. Although hers was considerably less dramatic and involved the use of some tasty recipes for turnip pie and some mind-altering herbs that Aunty Sara had bought from a rather disreputable Turmish mage.
Sarevok: Are you listening to *nothing* I say?! Desist or suffer the consequences!
Jan: Do you think she would listen to us? You can trust a Turmish mage about as far as you can kick him... and even then it's not a bad idea to carry a good thumping stick. But, alas, Aunty Sara just cackled in her most villain-like way and was determined to carry on with her plan to hypnotize the Sword Coast. Alas, she was completely undone by an over-the-top exposition she gave to a spy that she had captured... and who subsequently escaped, of course, before she could have him killed. It's what villains do, I understand, when they're not busy defiling iron.
Sarevok: I will not be mocked, gnome! This is your last warning!
Jan: Of course, they say that Duke Eltan had already had a bit of Aunty's pie and enjoyed it immensely. Rather than become hypnotized, he just became rather pleasantly obsessed with silken undergarments. This, of course, led to the first Great Underwear Shortage. It's also known as the Three-Year Wedgie Drought, but that's another story completely.
Sarevok: AUUUUGHHH! How maddening! How you can put up with such impudence, <CHARNAME>?!

Sarevok: I've been thinking, gnome... about a certain trading deal my stepfather made several years ago.
Jan: Your stepfather, eh? Was he a megalomaniac as well? Must have been quite a merchant. Was he into crate building, perchance? Everywhere I look, I see crates... business must be lucrative.
Sarevok: My stepfather was with the Iron Throne. He negotiated once for a very lucrative land deal with a gnome named Count Turnipsome, as I recall.
Jan: Ah, yes. I know the fellow. Handsome young gnome, apple of his mother's eye. Wealthy, debonaire, beloved by all. Your stepfather was a fortunate man to have met him.
Sarevok: I wouldn't say the same. The land the count sold him turned out to be useless swampland overrun by umber hulks and bugbears. My stepfather was almost ejected from the Iron Throne as a result.
Jan: Now that sounds like quite a tragedy. Tsk. There are some mighty crooked people out there. Gnomes, even. Just terrible.
Sarevok: I swore that I would take instant vengeance on that gnome if I ever found him.
Jan: Well, it's, ummm... it's a good thing for him you never have, hm?
Sarevok: No doubt. I've been saving some rather excruciating torture techniques for the occasion.
Jan: Uhhh... yes, yes. I see. (Ahem!) I'll just go stand over by <CHARNAME> for a while. Nothing personal, I just felt the wind change.

With Keldorn[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Keldorn: I doubt you'll care much for anything I have to say, Sarevok... but have you considered this new life of yours to be a second chance of sorts?
Sarevok: You are right, paladin. I care not a whit for anything you have to say.
Keldorn: Spit your bile in my direction if you must, but consider that it was your own machinations which caused your first death. Fail to learn from that, and you will die again with as little meaning.
Sarevok: Death has no meaning, fool. It was simple chance, not judgment by any god. I could just as easily have been victorious in another circumstance.
Keldorn: Then you learned nothing in death? What a short, precious thing life is? The ultimate uselessness of grasping for things like wealth and power? How did they serve you in the Abyss, Sarevok?
Sarevok: My will and my desire served me well in the Abyss. Nothing else.
Keldorn: I have known many good, honest men with a powerful will. And I know they will not be in the Abyss when they perish.
Sarevok: I... could care less if I return to the Abyss or not, old fool. Once I am dead, I am dead and nothing matters.
Keldorn: I am old, but I am no fool. I don't believe you really believe that.
Sarevok: I... begone, old man. Make your pious speeches for those who may still be redeemed. It is far too late for me.

With Korgan[]

Sarevok: I see you eyeing me, dwarf. Are you looking to test your metal against mine?
Korgan: I just be tryin' to come to a reckoning about yer nature, ye walkin' ghost.
Sarevok: Truly. And what have you concluded, Korgan Bloodaxe? Am I friend or foe?
Korgan: Ye're handy enough during a fight, but when I kill something, I want to know it's gonna stay dead. That's where I be havin' a problem with you.
Sarevok: Unless you plan on killing me as I sleep, dwarf, that is not your concern.
Korgan: Aye, that be true enough, I guess. Yer strange return to the land o' the livin' matters not. As long as ye be willing to throw yer blade into the mix, ye're not hurting our group none.
Sarevok: And I could say the same about you. We are done here, dwarf.

Korgan: Ach, Sarevok! Ye're a bloody killin' machine, ye are!
Sarevok: Violence has always come easily to me. It seems little has changed.
(If Sarevok is still evil:)
Sarevok: In the cold nether realm, while I waited to be reborn, I sorely missed the crimson spray and the hot tang of death on my tongue.
Korgan: Aye, well said me armor-plated friend! Welcome back to the land of the living, where the chance to reap a gruesome slaughter lurks around every corner! Har har har!
(If Sarevok is no longer evil:)
Sarevok: Even after my resurrection, violent rage pollutes my tainted blood. As <CHARNAME> can surely attest, it is a constant struggle to keep our bloodlust in check.
Korgan: Don't be turnin' all moral and weak on me, Sarevok! If ye're gonna get prissy about killin', we canna discuss this anymore!
Sarevok: I kill when I have to, Korgan. But I no longer take such pleasure in it as you do.
Korgan: Bah! If that's yer new attitude, <CHARNAME> would have been better off leavin' you dead!

With Mazzy[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Mazzy: What is it, fiend? Why do you continue to stare at me? Out with it!
Sarevok: Do not presume to order me about, small one. A fighter's skill you may have, but it is still contained within the form of nothing but a mouse.
Mazzy: Insult me if you wish, I have no fear of you.
Sarevok: You would have plenty to fear if you were not one of <CHARNAME>'s companions. I would crush you like the insect you are.
Mazzy: I have no fear of that either, even were it such a simple task. Which it would not be.
Sarevok: I suppose you claim you have no fear of death? I have encountered many who have made such a claim. All entered the beyond pleading like old women for their worthless lives.
Mazzy: Only the evil truly fear death. They spend their lives collecting power over others, clawing for anything they can get that is not theirs. But when evil dies, there is nothing left for them but their hate.
Sarevok: Bah! And what awaits you at your death, little paladin? An eternal reward by your favorite deity?
Mazzy: Peace. The peace of a clear conscience and a life well lived.
Sarevok: I have never known peace. I doubt I would even want such a useless thing.
Mazzy: Then for your sake, Sarevok, I hope all the more that you one day find it.

With Minsc[]

Minsc: So, "Sarevok," if that is your real name, what do you remember of our previous battles, hmm?
Sarevok: What are you getting at, ranger? I remember you well enough.
Minsc: I am not completely convinced that you are who you say you are, standing there saying you are.
Sarevok: And I am to feel bad that I do not have your validation? No, if my identity is a problem for you, then let my actions speak instead.
Minsc: Boo agrees. You are welcome beside us if you effectively apply the boots of goodness.
Sarevok: Your deluded comments are unnecessary. <CHARNAME> directs my wrath as <HE/SHE> sees fit.
Minsc: A fine choice of mentor, but again, you do not seem like a "Sarevok" to me. Too much "humble," not enough "RAAAAGH, feel my unholy rage."

Sarevok: Ranger, turn your rodent's gaze another direction! I will not be scrutinized as though by some ridiculous divining rod!
Minsc: Boo is an uncanny judge of character, but you... you give him trouble.
Sarevok: I shall give him more than that if this continues! I nearly conquered a nation! I will not be judged by a creature that stores nuts in its cheeks!
(if present in party:)
Jan: Hey! I resemble that remark.
Sarevok: Trust me, gnome, you do not want to partake in my wrath this day.
Minsc: Food storage aside, Boo controls himself far better than you do. Do you see him ranting about mere glances? Let's look.
Sarevok: What?
Minsc: There, you see? No rant. In fact, right now we see him snuffing about for a comfy place to sleep. Admirable restraint.
Sarevok: I'm still in Hell, aren't I? This is insanity.
Minsc: Ah, finally a calming look across your face. Boo's handiwork, no doubt. Doesn't that feel better?
Sarevok: Let's... let's go kill something. Soon.

With Nalia[]

Nalia: Keep your eyes off me, Sarevok. I don't know what you are, but I don't want you near me.
Sarevok: Ahh... So the sorceress can sense the difference in me, can she? Do I alarm you, girl?
Nalia: I know that you're not truly alive, and not undead. You're flesh, but not truly alive no matter what <CHARNAME> did to you. So keep away.
Sarevok: You show curiosity in every other matter related to magic, and yet I make you nervous? Are you sure it is for the reasons you think?
Nalia: What do you mean?
Sarevok: I mean that, to you, I am evil. I am powerful and forceful and authoritative... and you fear these qualities within yourself.
Nalia: That's not true! I... I'm a good person!
Sarevok: And where has it gotten you? Have you vanquished evil yet? What gets results better, from all that you've seen?
Nalia: It... it isn't like that. Results aren't everything.
(if Sarevok is still evil:)
Sarevok: You mouth words you don't understand. Once you get over this delusion, you shall see things as I do, girl. As they truly are. It is called "reality."
Nalia: You can't fool me. I know what it's called, and I know where your path ends! So stop trying to play mind games with me!
Sarevok: As you wish. You shall see the truth soon enough.
(if Sarevok is no longer evil:)
Sarevok: Hm. Perhaps you are right, girl. But the doubt you show tells me you should watch yourself carefully. I've known many who started as you did... and died as I did.

With Neera[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Neera: You don't frighten me, Sarevok.
Sarevok: Ah, <CHARNAME>'s impetuous and whimsical wild mage finally speaks to me. But I don't frighten her, she says. If it's true, why must she declare it? Is she trying to convince herself of her courage, as she tries to convince herself of so many other things?
Neera: I'm standing right here, you know. I can hear you.
Sarevok: Wishful thinking on my part, I suppose. That or I'm a golem.
Neera: Wishful thinking? I bet you do a lot of that, what with your half-<BROTHER/SISTER> climbing the tree you thought only you could climb.
Sarevok: Why do you pester me, mageling?
Neera: Because you tried to kill <CHARNAME>? Because you tried to instigate a massacre on the Sword Coast? No. Because I don't trust you and want you to know it.
Sarevok: A wild mage lectures me about trust? That is rich. Why do you not pester <CHARNAME>?
Neera: Why would I?
Sarevok: Because you have less reason to trust <HIM/HER> than you do me. Because <HE/SHE> might very well—SHOULD very well—cast us all aside and become a god.
Neera: I wouldn't just be "cast aside."
Sarevok: Do you think the gods invite mortals to dinner or traipse about the countryside with them? Becoming divine means forgetting all of that. The distance 'twixt life and death is nothing compared to the gulf between mortality and godhood.
Neera: Like you know. Like you could EVER know.
Sarevok: I have learned things few have ever learned. I am no virtuous man, but I do not lie when I say I know these things to be true.

With Rasaad[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Sarevok: I don't like you, monk.
Rasaad: Knowing this will cost me little sleep, Sarevok.
Sarevok: It could cost you much more than that if my half-<BROTHER/SISTER> ever tires of you.
Rasaad: Your threats matter little to me.
Sarevok: You do not fear death? You should. I know what it is like. I had to scratch, claw, and plead my way back into the land of the living.
But do I spend all my days whining about my fate? I do not.
But you... you cannot help but go on and on about what you have lost. Your brother. Your friends. Your wretched Moonmaiden's grace. It's—it is comical to me.
Rasaad: You tread on dangerous ground.
Sarevok: Oh? And what will you do about it?
1. Player: Let it go, Sarevok.
Sarevok: You ruin ALL my fun, <CHARNAME>.
2. Player: He knows I need you, Sarevok. For that, you are fortunate.
Sarevok: Funny. I don't FEEL fortunate.
3. Player: Teach him a lesson, Rasaad. He'll not stop poking you until you poke back.
Rasaad: So be it!

With Valygar[]

Sarevok: Valygar, you have not yet condemned my presence. Is not my very existence here an affront to you?
Valygar: Nay, Sarevok... I'm not troubled by your presence. Should I be?
Sarevok: I am no longer part of the natural order. I was resurrected with powerful magics, which you so obviously despise. My... unnatural... existence does not repel you? You do not see me as an abomination?
Valygar: I see you as a warrior, Sarevok. You may have a cruel and violent streak, but you are not alone in that fault. You do not use foul magic; you wield true steel as do I. We are brothers in arms, Sarevok.
Sarevok: That... is true. Your words surprise me, Valygar. But I thank you for them.

With Viconia[]

Viconia: Sarevok, may I share a whispered word with you?
Sarevok: Yes, drow? What is it you want?
Viconia: I miss the customs of my homeland, like the breaking in of new pleasure slaves. The largest and strongest were the hardest to break, but they were the most rewarding. Sarevok, I find your great size... intriguing.
Sarevok: Were you to break me, Viconia, you might find nothing but the chill emptiness of the grave within.
Viconia: That does not repulse me as you might imagine. We drow are ever eager to broaden our... experiences.
Sarevok: I orchestrated a war to slaughter thousands. I have felt the cold embrace of death. I have witnessed the horrors of the Abyss. But you, Viconia... you scare me.
Viconia: Cowards everywhere I turn! If you find your courage, Sarevok, seek me out.

Viconia: Sarevok, have you had the opportunity to consider my earlier offer? Untold pleasures await you if you would but submit to me.
Sarevok: I have considered it, Viconia. And I must reject you and your... temptations.
Viconia: A pity your manhood is so lacking. I am a cruel mistress, but my slaves always found their subjugation to be most satisfying to their own physical desires as well.
Sarevok: When Bhaal held sway over my soul, I reveled in the bloody carnage I wrought. But my will was not my own. As captivating as your dominance might be, Viconia, I will not surrender my being to the whims of another again... be they god or drow.
Viconia: Then you are of no further interest to me, rivvil... though I suspect your dreams will be filled with dark imaginings of the hedonistic pleasures you have denied yourself. But even your dreams will be but a pale shadow of my true decadence.
Sarevok: Of that, Viconia, I have no doubt.