Saradush is a city in Tethyr that was led by Gromnir Il-Khan. The city was under siege during the first chapter of Throne of Bhaal campaign, and was later destroyed by the fire giant Yaga-Shura.


Once a great bureaucratic center for the city's royal dynasty, Saradush became a producer of agricultural products for trade. Despite this, Saradush became an important way station for trade in the area surrounding the Lake of Steam. Given its proximity to several kinds of terrain, along with increased prominence as trade traffic with Riatavin rises, Saradush also become a haven for travelers and adventurers alike.

Later in Saradush history, a woman named Melissan came and brought as many Bhaalspawn as she could to the city for their 'protection'. Unknown to them, she was actually Bhaal's right-hand servant and had really brought them to Saradush to gather them all in one place, allowing them to be killed together and Melissan able to gather more of Bhaal's essence for her cause. This would eventually lead to one of Melissan's cohorts Yaga-Shura invading and destroying the city, only for himself to be later killed.

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  • Long Sword +3
  • Large Shield +2
  • Splint Mail +1 
  • War Hammer +3
  • Mace +2
  • Full Plate Mail +1

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