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Sansuki is a male Shadow Thief who is being hunted by the vampire Del and two male vampires. He will appear randomly within the city of Athkatla between the hours of midnight and dawn and approach the party upon sight.

Saving the man is a possibility if you can get the vampires to concentrate their attack on the party, but he will become hostile if attacked or caught in friendly fire. If he does become hostile, he'll still be attacked by the vampires. If the party is able to keep him alive, all he'll do is give you his thanks and disappear.

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"Help! You've got to help! Please!"

1- What? What is the matter?
2- Get away from me. I don't have to do anything for anyone.
3- If you are in need of aid, I am available for hire as a mercenary.
"Oh no. They're here! They've caught me!"

After he has been saved:

"I... I thank you for saving me. I thought I was dead for certain."

Then, if you've sided with the vampires in the guild war:

"I did not expect charity from a member of their selfsame guild. I thank you for this, though next time we meet we shall probably be at each other's throats."

If you've sided with the shadow thieves:

"Good to see that you are willing to risk your neck for a fellow ally of the Shadow Thief guild. Looks like you were well worth the risk. Again, I thank you."

If you haven't made a choice yet:

"You do not seem to have the same cruel streak through you that these creatures displayed. Remember that when you choose your allegiance in future. Once again, I thank you."