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Salia is a female vampire in Athkatla and a loyal member of Bodhi's Vampire Coven.


Chapters 2 or 3[]

Before Chapter 4, she may appear in any district of the city during a night cycle (midnight to dawn), talking to two Shadow Thieves in an attempt to get them to leave the shadow thieves' and join with Bodhi's rival guild.

Salia appears neutral during this encounter and will transform into her gaseous form before any attempt can be made to attack her. The two shadow thieves will turn hostile and attack the party.

Chapter Six[]

In Chapter 6 Salia will be in Bodhi's Hideout, along with Hareishan, Meredath, Tanova, Valen, five fledgling vampires, and a vampire guard; all of whom are defending Bodhi's inner sanctum from being accessed by Gorion's Ward and party (and perhaps some helpful allies).

Salia is akin to a Fledgling Vampire, and can be struck with normal weapons, however she can drain 3 experience levels on a hit. Her script does allow use of the Vampire Domination ability after two rounds of hostilities have elapsed.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod with the "Improved Vampires" component revises both appearances of Salia. See the Vampire article and the "Mod content" section for a discussion of the mod's revisions to vampires (including Salia) in the game.

The first version of this vampire (VVSALIA.CRE) is a moot point, as she cannot be attacked or engaged in combat.

The second version of this vampire (C6SALIA.CRE) is a level 12/2 Fighter/Thief with 145 HP, STR 20, DEX 20, CON 19. She has 2.5 attacks per round, THAC0 3 and -3 Armor Class. Her melee strike drains 3 experience levels or 3 CON. She also has a different default script, making her akin to an ancient vampire, that has all the abilities of that vampire version including Vampire Domination, Shape changing to bat or wolf, summoning bats, rats or wolves and the innate Vampire Fear ability and the "Mesmerize" feeblemindedness attack. She will recognize opponents protected from level drain and charm and many other "buffs" for intelligent targeting. At least +2 or better enchanted weapons are needed to hit her.

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