Baldur's Gate Wiki

This area is technically part of Spellhold.

This strange cavern will be a location that the party is transferred to by the Asylum Apparition, depending on how the party answered certain questions as part of the Escaping the asylum quest.


The party is transported to this area, to face a hostile group of Sahuagin creatures in battle.

When defeated, the Apparition appears in the cavern and initiates some statements. He will say:

"Amongst the strangest of environments, you appear quite sane. I begin to question the point of the tasks. I can only do as directed, and you shall be judged accordingly, but I begin to wonder how the builders would fare in their own evaluations. There is no point to my musings; I can act only as directed. Should the directors return, I will have words for them. For now, judgment."

Afterwards the party will be transported to the Final Judgement Spellhold Test area. The party is nearing completion of the evaluations and tests.




One hidden wall cavity contains a Random treasure.