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Sahuagin Chieftan is a sahuagin located in the City of Caverns in Shadows of Amn campaign.

You have the orb, surface creature. This means only that the most sacred Senityili could have given it to you.


This Chieftan captain is standing watch nearby the rebel forces area of the city, not far from Prince Villynaty. This warrior will acknowledge the party if they are in possession of the Rebel's Orb - this item signals that you are allowed passage to seek an audience with the rebel Prince. Without the orb, the rebels would be hostile to the party.

Note:The questline regarding Sahuagin Chieftan's role is covered on the The prophecy of Sekolah page.

If for any reason that the party is in combat with the Chieftan, the creature will behave as a crossbow and spear wielding fighting opponent.

Should the party have the Rebel Orb, but then tell chieftain that they have in interest speaking with the prince, then he will say that the rebels will be prepared for the party (making them hostile). The chieftain does not turn hostile and attempts to walk away and leave the area. As is usual in this game, for a brief period he can be attacked and probably killed before making an escape.


There are two Sahuagin Chieftan creature files used by the game. The first is for the initial meeting (with the Orb in hand), while the second is if the party initiates hostilities with the rebel faction.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes some changes. It provides a tactical AI script for smarter combat behavior. The captain is assigned a level 14 Fighter class, and increased Hit Points and improved THAC0. The crossbow and bolts are still used, and the creature also has advanced spear combat, with grand mastery weapon proficiency and 2 pips in two-handed fighting style. Some potions are available for quaffing during combat. The creature has a new +2 Spear weapon that applies a Poison effect on any hit. Save vs. Death to negate or take 2 damage/sec for 15 seconds.

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