When I'm good, I'm very, very good... but when I'm bad, I'm better.

Safana is a chaotic neutral human thief and a potential companion in

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Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword CoastEdit

Recruitment Edit

Safana is available from Chapter One. She's found in the central wilderness of the Lighthouse area (3750.2390). She will ask the party to help her find some treasure and will join them if they agree.

The party must have at least one male party member to receive Safana's request for assistance.

Quests Edit

Relationships Edit

  • She finds Ajantis attractive and will flirt with him if the two are in the same party. Ajantis seems to be a bit conflicted about how he feels about Safana, as he'll swing between being flattered by her advances and being offended by her shameless and immoral conduct. Safana's advances toward Ajantis are far more straightforward than her advances toward Kivan and Xan. She outright tells Ajantis she thinks he's sexy instead of relying on double entendres.
  • She's got a very interesting relationship with Coran. The elf is obviously attracted to her and will flirt shamelessly with her, but will often tease or insult her in the same breath. She will always rebuke his advances, assure him she finds him most unattractive, and unleash some pretty scathing barbs of her own at him. However, she is fond of him, and is quite upset if he dies, taking back all the bad things she's ever said about him.
  • Safana is rather condescending toward Edwin.
  • Eldoth finds Safana both attractive and intriguing and will invite her to share a bottle of wine with him. She doesn't turn him down.
  • Garrick responds poorly to Safana.
  • Safana finds Kivan attractive and will flirt with him.
  • Safana will at one point suggestively ask Minsc to give her a foot massage. Minsc will inform her that she has not offended him, but she just does not understand the bond he has with Boo. After many of the same exchanges have taken place, an exasperated Minsc will finally respond with a threat, although he doesn’t seem to carry through.
  • Tiax is rude to Safana, but she really doesn't seem to care.
  • Safana finds Xan attractive and will flirt with him, but he ignores her completely.

Gameplay Edit

Along with Ajantis, Safana has the highest charisma (17) among all companions in the game, making her an excellent leader for neutral parties to gain store discounts and favorable reaction adjustments.

Safana has a special ability called "Charm Person" which functions similarly to the wizard spell Charm Person, only that it is classified as an innate ability, and has touch range. The target must make a save vs. spell with a +2 bonus or be charmed for 100 seconds. In

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this ability is renamed to "Safana's Kiss", and is castable when silenced.

Safana's inteligence score allows her to dual-class to a Mage if she uses the Tome of Clear Thought. In

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she can dual-class to Thief/Enchanter, Thief/Illusionist and Thief/Transmuter as well. A dual-class by definition must have its new class exceed the level of its old class by one level in order to regain the benefits of the old class. Safana may become a level 7 Thief at 40,000 XP, which will still allow her to reach a level 8 Mage at 90,000 XP (130,000 XP total). This allows a significant investment in 2-3 Thief skills, primarily lock-picking and find traps, as well as a third proficiency point, well placed in bows. If you want maximize Thief level - dual class immediately after Safana reaches level 7 Thief in order not to waste any earned experience. But if you want reach level 9 Mage to gain level 5 spell slots - dual class at level 6 Thief.

She always has the following items when joining the party: a dagger, 10 throwing daggers and studded leather armor, except in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition where her weapons are a Ninja-To and 20 Darts.

  • In 
    This icon indicates content from all Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games.
    : companions who are under-leveled at the time of joining will be given a certain amount of experience points (XP) for you to manually level them up to gain more control of their status.
Starting levels in classic Baldur's Gate
Average party level Level XP Gold Hit Points Weapon Proficiencies Equipment Thief Skills
1.00 - 2.99 2 1281 15 9 (Max possible:12)
  • Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō +
  • Dart +
  • Open Locks: +30
  • Find Traps: +20
  • Move Silently: +10
  • Hide In Shadows: +5
3.00 - 4.99 4 5036 47 19 (Max possible:24)
  • Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō +
  • Dart +
  • Single-Weapon Style +
  • Open Locks: +50
  • Find Traps: +40
  • Move Silently: +15
  • Hide In Shadows: +10
5.00+ 6 20119 26 25 (Max possible:36)
  • Open Locks: +70
  • Find Traps: +60
  • Move Silently: +20
  • Hide In Shadows: +15

Biography Edit

When asked about her past, SAFANA spins tale upon tale involving fantastic liaisons with pirate captains, nobles, and royalty of all shapes and sizes. The consistent details seem to be that she grew up in the city of Calimport, surrounded by luxury. Her father was a very influential noble, and though she could have had anything, she apparently found herself too confined by her father's protective arm.
She ran away in her early teens with the help of the first mate of the pirate ship "Exzesus," and remained with the crew for several years as they raided up and down the Sword Coast. Eventually she tried to manipulate the captain and found herself in a lot of trouble, escaping when the ship was at port in Baldur's Gate.
She has many stories of her escapades after that, but if there is a grain of truth in them, you certainly cannot find it.

Quotes Edit

I've been looking for... strong men like yourselves. Initial meeting
Nothing's worth dying for. Morale failure
Mm. I keep very pleasant company. Happy
I really think this party needs new leadership. Unhappy-annoyed
To lead this party, we need someone intelligent, preferably female, and most likely me. Unhappy-serious
I've tried to guide this group in the right direction, but I'm tired of trying. Goodbye. Unhappy-break
This is probably the sanest decision this group has ever made. Leader
Mm. A woman needs her beauty rest. Tired
Perhaps we could do something a little more exciting than looking pretty. Bored
I'm hurt. S-stop what you're doing and help me now. Hurt
The city is a beautiful place, so full of the gullible and stupid. City
Yes, dear? Select1
I'll do anything. Select2
Oh, I feel so sensual. Select3
If that's your desire. Action1
With pleasure. Action2
Of course, darling. Action3
Between two evils, I always choose the one I haven't tried. Action4
I love it when you speak to me that way. Action5
When I'm good, I'm very, very good... but when I'm bad, I'm better. Action6
Everyone in this party is entitled to my opinion. Action7
I assume, Coran, that you think your elven charms are considerable. Let me enlighten you: They aren't. Interaction1
You have about as much appeal as a rutting owlbear.


You think I'd surrender myself to the likes of you? That's a laugh.


Watch what you say, elf.


I might find you attractive, Coran, if you weren't so irritating.


My feet are very sore—perhaps you could... massage them. Insult1
You're a very sexy man. Compliment1
I'd love to see what other skills you possess. Compliment2
The rest of you should be careful—lest you end up like our unfortunate friend. To death-general
Don't die, silly elf, I didn't mean all of the things I've said. To death-Coran
Oh, I always love a good compliment. To compliment1
I like it when you're nasty to me. To insult1
You could be somewhat more creative in your insults.

To insult2

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Edit

Recruitment Edit

Safana is available from Chapter 7, go to the second floor of Elfsong Tavern and see her kicking Coran out for his being promiscuous. She'll then decide to join your march to fight Caelar Argent to shake off her boredom and stray away from Coran.

Quests Edit

Biography Edit

When asked about her past, Safana spins tale upon tale involving fantastic liaisons with pirate captains, nobles, and royalty of all shapes and sizes. Her most recent escapades seem to be truthful; she took up with an elf named Coran, and while the relationship seemed amusing for a time, she and Coran recently parted ways. She confides to you that Coran was "just too much. Wouldn't stop hanging off me in the most pathetic way." Always on the lookout for the next exciting adventure—and perhaps needing to leave Baldur's Gate for a reason she hasn't shared—Safana joined the expedition to Dragonspear for "as long as it remains amusing."

Quotes Edit

Nothing's worth dying for. Morale failure
This is the most fun I've had in weeks. Happy
You don't want to upset a pretty lady, do you? Then shape up. Unhappy-annoyed
I'm warning you, sweetheart. I'm not happy with the way we're doing things. Unhappy-serious
I've tried to lead this group in the right direction, but I've had enough. A smart girl leaves before she is left. Unhappy-break
I'm the best woman for the job. Leader
A girl needs her beauty sleep. Tired
I crave diversion. Bored
Get 'em! Battlecry1
I'm coming for you. Battlecry2
Watch out. Battlecry3
You're mine now. Battlecry4
This is the end for you. Battlecry5
Uh! Damage
Stop and help me! Hurt
Not... like this... Dying
What I wouldn't give for a cozy inn and a hot bath. Forest
The city is a beautiful place. So full of the gullible and stupid. City
I love dungeons. They're usually bursting with gold. Dungeon
The beauty of a sunrise has nothing on me. Day
I do some of my best work in the dark. Night
You want me? Select1
Sweetheart? Select2
Mmmm? Select3
Your need? Select4


Hey there.


Yes, dear. Action1
Whatever you like. Action2
Right. Action3
I avoid temptation unless I can't resist. Action4
It's a pirate's life for me. Action5
Everyone focuses on my looks. I feel so two-dimensional at times. Action6
Maybe I was born with it, maybe it's... nope. I was born with it. Action7
Goodnight, sweetheart. To death-general
Live like a fool and you'll die a fool's death, you great lovable oaf. To death-specific
Take it like a champ. Critical hit
Hells, I missed! Critical miss
Resisting me? Need to try something else! Target immune
I'm a woman, not a pack mule. I dropped it. Inventory full
I'll take that. Picked pocket
Hidden away. Hidden in shadows
My spell! It's gone. Spell disrupted
Watch your feet. I put a trap down. Set a trap

Dialogues Edit

Damn you to all Nine Hells, Coran, I swear I'm going to— Oh. Hello.
You know what I always admired about you, <CHARNAME>? Your keen sense of observation. Well, don't just stand there; come in.
That vile rake? Why would you even ask that?
Nice try, <CHARNAME>. I've spent the last month with that two-faced elf, Coran. A flattering tongue will get you nowhere. What do you want, really?
You wound me, <CHARNAME>. I don't know how I shall ever recover.
And now I have recovered. Hm. That was QUICK, wasn't it...?
I could never say no to you, <CHARNAME>. Then again, I can't think of a single thing you could ask that would make me want to...
Forget that lecherous pig, <CHARNAME>. I'm the woman you need.
There is nothing there to admire. Women—real women, not the farcical creatures who exist in your fanciful tales of "romance"—like nothing better than being taken at their word. A courteous man bows and walks away from a woman who's not interested.
Come, <CHARNAME>, let us take our leave of this lovestruck dullard. Or better still, let's bide a time and see him struck by something less abstract in nature. Like a frying pan.
In the last couple of days, I, ah, dipped my fingers into a few pockets. One held a bag of junk and this notebook. It contains details of the camp defenses, commander names, and bits of conversation.
Only a spy would make these kind of notes. We have a traitor in our midst.
"Robbed" is such a loaded term. I prefer to think of it as easing friends' physical burden. As to the question, they were all soldiers. I think.
Keep making jokes. It's not like a traitor could be undermining this entire effort even as we speak. Oh, wait, it's exactly like that.
Ha! Attitude at a time like this. I like it.
There is something I feel you should know. Don't get that look on your face; it's not the end of the world.
The fact of the matter is, you're a terrible kisser.
It's nothing you can't work on, but you've left me cold. All that bumbling about, trying pathetically to make love to me... it was embarrassing.
Ha! Well, I guess I can also tell you the last time we were at camp, I shared a glass of wine with Voghiln after you went to sleep.
He knew how to compliment a woman, that's for sure. I rewarded him with a kiss... or two... or three. We had to keep it quiet since you were in the tent right next to us.
You're lower than scum. You should have stayed in Hell where you belonged, you canker-blossom. I hope you rot in jail forever, you worthless scut.
Well, well, well. Look who comes crawling back.
You desire something from me? Most do...

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Edit

Safana and Coran have been travelling the Sword Coast together and Gorion's Ward finds Coran at the house in Forest of Tethir. She has been kidnapped by wolfweres, and Coran asks the player character to rescue her. However, she has conspired with the wolfweres to kill Gorion's Ward because she wants to claim the bounty. Safana is killed by Lanfear the wolfwere, as she had other plans in mind for Coran.

Shadows of Amn alternative In the Enhanced Edition Trilogy Safana may become a continuous companion for the whole saga with a mod. In this context, the Safana Coran episode has a different ending as well.

Personality Edit

Her general demeanor is flirtatious, and sometimes her personality borders on provocative. Safana seems to have an overwhelming confidence in herself as a sexual entity. This is most likely due to her beauty (which many take notice of). If the player character dismisses Safana; he or she claims that the party does not need another thief, even if she is completely gorgeous. This is then followed up by the player character's inner monologue reading: "What am I saying?"

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