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Saerk Farrahd, a wealthy merchant and skilled Fighter Cleric with a wand. Will Anomen take his revenge on Saerk's daughter? - PPE Mod portrait

Saerk Farrahd is a wealthy merchant and owner of a large estate in the Bridge District in the Amnian city of Athkatla.

If any member of the protagonist's party breaks into Saerk's estate, the House Guards will be hostile and attack. However if they have a chance to talk to the guard downstairs near the door they learn:

"This is the estate of the merchant Saerk yn Muham el Farrahd, if you must know. The merchant and his family are not home at the present, so please leave at once."

Saerk is not found within his estate any time before accepting the Companion Quest, Anomen Returns Home After his Sister's Death, and he will remain absent if Anomen does not choose to avenge his sister's death; otherwise, it is possible to confront Saerk in his home.


If Anomen takes revenge for his sister's death by slaying Saerk's daughter Surayah, a battle inevitably starts. The party will face Saerk, his son Yusef, and at least five House Guards (listed as Guard 3 after the creature filename, SGuard3.cre).

This will be in addition to any other guards that were still in the estate before Anomen takes revenge. That is, if the house was cleared of guards before the decision for revenge was made, only five might be found; otherwise the entire house guard force will be hostile on both floors.

Saerk will likely begin combat using his Wand of the Heavens (4 charges) to fire off a Flame Strike. He will follow up with Blade Barrier to protect from melee attackers, while he uses his wand again or casts other spells from his repertoire. His active weapon is his Morning Star +1, but he also has a Sling +1 and Bullets +1 (×10).

Note: Both his wand, and his Ring of Spell Turning (4 charges) are Undroppable.

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