Baldur's Gate Wiki

SAHZOM01.ITM is an undroppable non-magical and unenchanted weapon item provided to the Sea Zombie Lord in the game saga.

The item behaves as an actual ordinary short sword, but only in terms of animation/appearance.

The weapon inflicts a base 3d6 Piercing damage and can be modified by Strength attributes.

On any successful strike, there is a 10% chance of applying a Disease effect on the target. A saving throw vs. Death will negate. If the disease lands, then for one turn the victim will suffer 6 Poison damage per second (for 60 seconds). Unfortunately, there is no defense against this except for Poison immunity, disease immunity or to make the saving throw.

Any usual intervention against poison will stop or mitigate the damage, such as an Antidote potion, Elixir of Health or Slow Poison (spell). A Dispel Magic won't affect it.

The weapon has no other abilities or powers.