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An unnamed rakshasa referred to as a Ruhk Transmuter is found in Firkraag's Entrance. The Transmuter, along with four of his minion transmutations, are guarding the transition doorway point that leads to Firkraag's Maze.

Go, my minions! Fulfill thy destiny and destroy the intruders! Even the master shall be impressed with these transmutations! Go!


As soon as the party is spotted, the kobolds rush forward toward the closest party member, and when close, detonate themselves in a fireball. This chunks the kobold and will damage any creature in the explosion area of effect, including any of the kobolds that are still alive. If a kobold happens to be slain at distance, then they will die and not explode.

If any party member gets close to the transmuter, perhaps to engage in melee attack, the clever creature may force cast a double toxic gas attack over itself (its immune) with a Cloudkill and/or a Death Fog. The poisonous and corrosive atmosphere is unhealthy to be within unless protected.

Although the InfoBox itemizes all of the creature's memorized spells, in the unmodified game it isn't scripted to utilize any of them.

The Rukh is not particularly skilled with its long sword, but will engage in close quarters combat, as it is quick as a tiger whirling its blade. The creature is very resistant to spells, and fire, and at least +2 enchanted items are needed to hit it.

If defeated, check his magical body for loot. It will be worth the party's time.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.


The Sword Coast Stratagems takes a different approach to this Rukh and assigns a new default script to improve its tactical awareness and allow it to perform as a mage and a sword wielder.

In terms of its weapon proficiencies, it now has 5 pips in long sword and 2 pips in single-weapon fighting style - this will improve the THAC0, weapon damage and armor class.

The creature will apply a (previously cast) group of protective buffs to include: Mirror Image, Haste, Shield, Stoneskin and Protection From Magical Weapons.

The Rukh can assess opponents for certain protective spells and may decide to cast a Secret Word, or a Remove Magic and has a Breach.

A spell caster may be targeted with a Silence spell. Several offensive damage spells are in the repertoire, including Cone of Cold, Lightning Bolt, Sunfire and others.

Cloudkill will be attempted, and it can do that twice.

If the battle is dragging on and the creature's buffs are removed, it reapplies a Mirror Image, Stoneskin and Protection From Magical Weapons. All in all, the Rukh has a lot of staying power, and also has in its possession three different potions it can quaff to heal or boost an ability (such as Potion of Invulnerability).


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