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There are two Ruffian's located in a small side room on the second floor of the Elfsong Tavern which is located in East Baldur's Gate. They have only one line of dialogue and there is no chance for a reply even though the dialogue ends with a question.

Get outta here ya morons! Does it look like we wanna talk to ya?

But that isn't the end of their purpose. They are friends of Cyrdemac, a fellow who is currently engaged in blackmailing a local noblewoman named Areana over some private information that could ruin her reputation in the city. They will come to Cyrdemac's defense if Gorion's Ward confronts him about this blackmail affair.

However, they will remain passive should you choose to charm Cyrdemac and prevent him from leaving the area, whereby he'll turn hostile once the spell wears off. The ruffian's will not turn hostile even if a hostile Cyrdemac comes into their sight.


  • Even though they have no gold in their inventory, they may have gold in their drop due to the average random treasure code in one of their quick item slots.