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Roddy is a can be found brooding with the livestock west of Trademeet's marketplace during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

I'll trade you a few words, sure enough.


Roddy has a doomsday complex; a nay-saying attitude, no matter how well current events may be changing for the better by the party's success in ending the animal trouble or the genie trouble.

Notes and quotes[]

Washed Away[]

Ahhh, yer just going t' be washed away with the rest o' this blasted town. Just you watch. Hmph.

Abyss in a Hand-Basket[]

Hmph. You can't stop th' gods. Trademeet's goin' to the abyss in a hand-basket, an' that's all I gots t' say.

The Gods have Turned on Us[]

It's... it's the gods! They've turned on us all! We've done wrong here in Trademeet! We're supposed t' be fair an' all. Waukeen herself commanded it... But now Waukeen's gone an' everyone thinks that means they can go ahead an' cheat you. Nothin' here but cheats, thieves and liars, now, yep.


You're jus' like all th' others. The gods're going t' kill you, too, as a blasphemer. An' then they're gonna kill me. Hmph.


His dialog is heavily dependent on how far along the party is with the two major Trademeet side quests mentioned above.[1]

The following might contain spoilers!

Animal Trouble[]

If Faldorn has not yet been confronted:

"Ya know... I used t' be a ranger, meself. Mm-hmm. And I know why it is that all these animals are turnin' on us, I do."

1. And why would that be?  The Gods have Turned on Us

1.1. And which would you be? [i.e., a cheat, thief, or liar]  Washed Away
1.2. What does that have to do with you being a ranger?
"Nothin'. Jus' wanted you t' know that I was a good person... before I fell an' all. But I was cheated! Right here, which is worse. But it's all ending, now!"
1.2.1. You don't know what you're talking about.
"But I do! I do! Listen to me.... it won't stop with the animals. Soon, the floods will come... an' the storms! Trademeet will be washed away, you'll see."
1.2.2. I don't think it's so bad here, despite what you say.
"But it is... Trademeet's thick with thieves now! Genies 'ave come an' stopped all th' trade, takin' it for themselves. Druids killin' us... it's mighty bad."
1.2.3. It won't end if I have anything to say about it.  Abyss in a Hand-Basket
1.2.4. Ending like your story, that is. I'll be going, now.  Washed Away
1.3. It doesn't seem so bad, here.  (same as 1.2.2.)
1.3.1. Well, I'll put a stop to all of that.  Abyss in a Hand-Basket
1.3.2. Ooookay, I'll just be going, then.  Washed Away

2. You don't know what you're talking about.  (same as 1.2.1.)

2.1. So why is all this going to happen, do you think?  The Gods have Turned on Us
2.2. Okay. Whatever.  Washed Away

3. Excuse me, I've got to go.  Washed Away

Genie Trouble[]

If Faldorn has been dealt with, but the Genies have not yet gone:

"Hmph. Okay, so all th' animals have stopped attackin' us, but it's still jus' forestallin' the inevitable. We're still doomed. An' I gots proof, I do."

1. And what proof would that be?

"Needs proof, do you? Them genies... they're infernal creatures, runnin' the show here. Takin' all the trade for themselves, and for what? I knows what for. They're jus' waitin' for the big genie to come an' kill us all. The gods are angry. If not the genies, it'll be them Sythsillian ogres. One or the other"
1.1. What genies are you talking about?
"You don't know about th' genies holdin' all o' Trademeet hostage? They owns everythin'... gold, supplies, food. An' they won't' give none of it up. An what can we do 'bout it? Even if we weren't bein' attacked by th' animals, you can't fight that magic. Waukeen has abandoned us. We're doomed, doomed!"
1.2. Sythsillian ogres?
"Just outside o' Riatavin... thousands of monsters, all under a bunch o' ogres. Taken over half of Amn. Just let 'em all in to deal with the genies, I says. Waukeen protected Trademeet once, but now she's all gone. Gone, gone. An' the gods are mad at us, that's what."
1.3. You don't know what you're talking about.  Blasphemer

2. Oh, never mind. I'll be going.  Blasphemer

Trouble No More[]

After both "troubles" are no more, he still has the following, cynical, random retorts:

"Things are all right in Trademeet. I knew it... I tried t' tell everyone, but they never listens t' me."

"It... it's a sign! A sign! Waukeen is coming back, she is! An' she's goin' t' drive out every last one o' you cheats!"

"You! You're the ones that have been behind all o' the towns troubles! I knew you were nothing but trouble th' first time I laid eyes on you!"

"I'm told you're a hero. Hmph. You don't look like a bleedin' hero."

"We're still doomed. I just knows it, I do."


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