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Ritual Guard is a type of drow warrior found in the city of Ust Natha and inside the Temple of Lolth during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

We protect the matron mother with our lives, if need be. Do not anger the matron or the Spider Queen, and you shall have nothing to fear from us.

— Ritual Guard


These male warriors are clad in adamantine full plate and wield the drow lance. They are positioned in a few areas of the temple, and a few also patrol at walking speed within.

They can be spoken to, but generally won't engage in conversation.

These guards will be neutral, but if the city alarm script is initiated, or if any in the temple are attacked, they will spring into action. They are trained to attack their nearest detected enemy and fight to the death in melee combat.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some minor changes these warriors. A fighter AI script is assigned for better tactical behavior. A Berserker kit is added.

Three pips in Spear weapon proficiency are assigned, and 2 pips in two-handed weapon fighting style. Also, a HELMNOAN.ITM is placed in their helmet slot, as well as some random SCS treasure.

At the beginning of the fight, they will use their Enrage class ability.