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Risa is a young girl who just became an orphan after the recent death of her parents. She is located in the Athkatla Graveyard district where she is currently under the care of Dawnlord Arenthis from the church of Lathander.

Are you a knight? Your armor's awfully shiny.


Speak with the Priest of Lathander who is watching over Risa. You speak with the girl as well, as she appears sad and may have been crying.

He is on the lookout for someone of good moral convictions who would be willing to become the child's guardian. Otherwise, he may be forced to send her to an orphanage.

Lucky for her there is a paladin nearby named Kamir who just lost his son and is willing to take her under his care. The party may be able to bring the Knight and Risa together.

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