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Rinin is a gypsy boy in Trademeet during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign, and can be found standing just outside the city gates.

You look funny. Mama says you're not one of the Rom.

— Rinin

Gameplay and dialogue[]

Rinin is a curious boy, and perhaps touched with a bit of his mother's "gift" given his insightful observations when certain companions are in the party.

Wow! An adventurer!


You're an elf! We had lots of elves in the forest! They were real nice. I don't remember any of them being sad, though... why are you so sad?

— Rinin

Sad? Oh... oh, what a darling boy you are. I'm not that sad, really... it is not for a young boy such as you to worry about. You should think of happier things.

— Aerie


You look like an awfully mean person. Mama says you can see a lot about someone by the shape of their face, and you got a mean shaped face, mister.

— Rinin

Comment on the shape of my face again, brat, and you'll quickly discover just how mean I can be! (Observant little urchin, isn't he?)

— Edwin


You're not an elf, and you're really short. And you got hair on your feet. What kind of person are you?

— Rinin

Have you never seen a halfling before, child? Sweet Arvoreen, I didn't think that would be possible in this part of the world.

— Mazzy

Mama doesn't let me go out much. Mama says she doesn't want me to learn city ways.

— Rinin


We had lots of elves back home in the forests, but none like you. Why is your skin so black? Why aren't any of the other elves a pretty black like you?

— Rinin

That is more of a question than you know, child. Suffice it to say that a tiny rivvin like yourself would not wish to meet more of my kind.

— Viconia

Other Comments[]

"We used to have great big parties with the other Rom families. Papa says a lot of them have died, now. Killed by wild animals, Papa says. Why would the animals do that?"

"I don't like it here. The people aren't Rom and they're mean."

"Papa says we're going to be going home, soon. I like the forests better. The trees are so big and the elves people treat us real nice."


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