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Reviane is a female elven Harper fighter possibly encountered during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Hold! And let justice take its rightful measure! You will know this day that you have suffered Harper justice!

Reviane's Mission[]

Reviane and her Harper group can only be encountered during Jaheira's Companion Quest, Summoned to the Harper Hold. This encounter may happen anywhere in the wilderness, or even in outdoor populated areas.

Note: If you are in a Romance with Jaheira, Reviane will only appear after certain romance stages (based on her Local Variable, "LoveTalk").


Reviane has been sent by the Harpers to call Jaheira into account for the unavoidable events at Galvarey Estate that resulted in having to slay Galvarey (an up-and-coming Regional Harper Leader), and his fellow Harpers, all of which has given Jaheira the label of "Traitor to the Cause." She initiates dialogue when within a certain distance of the party.

However, with a high reputation (16+) and the specific dialog choices (1,2), Reviane can be convinced to stand down.

An alternate view can be also be had - since the party did nothing wrong and wasn't responsible for Galvarey's ill-fated an unjust threat to the party - there is no reason to kowtow to the Harpers, unless the PC wishes to spare them for the sake of Jaheria. She will most likely support Gorion's Ward in this matter. So, the party can do as it wishes, or at least try to. From an experience point reward perspective, not backing down against the Harpers provides a better material outcome, although it is riskier in terms of combat uncertainty.

If Reviane and company respond positively to the party's reputation and dialogue path, She may answer:

"I know you to be truthful, Jaheira, and I have heard good things of <CHARNAME>. I will try to sway the others, but passions run high in this matter."

Then the harpers will depart the map - never to be encountered again.

If this encounter comes to blows, then Reviane shouts some defiant words and she her group turn hostile and attack. She has some innate passive Harper powers, as described in the InfoBox.

As a competent fighter she will accurately engage in melee with her enchanted halberd, striking often and with dangerous damage dealing potential. If she is wounded to a preset threshold, she'll attempt to quaff a potion of healing for increased staying power, and may also imbibe the Potion of Invulnerability.


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Reviane's Harpers[]

Along with Reviane, Jaheira and Gorion's Ward may have to deal with the other Harpers that Reviane has brought along for Backup. Prior to hostilities, initiating dialog with any of them results in "Harper has nothing to say to you."

None of Reviane's Harpers have been given names by the game developers, so they will be referred to by the Number from their Creature Codes, a summary of which, is outlined below:

  • Harper 1 (JAREV1): Chaotic Evil, Elf Female Human Male, 12th level Thief Necromancer worth 3,000 XP
  • Harper 2 (JAREV2): True Neutral, Dwarf Male, 12th level Fighter, worth 3,500 XP
  • Harper 3 (JAREV3): Chaotic Neutral, Elf Male, 12th level Conjurer, worth 3,000 XP
  • Harper 4 (JAREV4): Neutral Evil, Human Male, 12/8th level Fighter/Cleric, worth 3,000 XP

The entire group is worth 16,000 XP.

Beware of crossfire injuring innocents, if Reviane appears within in a town or city, as this may cause other characters to join in the battle, including the Military.

Harper 1[]

While being a male Human Necromancer, complete with a list of Wizard spells, Harper 1 (JAREV1) has the appearance and battle tactics of a female Elf Thief. This is probably a developer error, but it doesn't affect game play very much. Although the rogue can't backstab from invisibility which it may try with its quick slot potion. It may also apply an Oil of Speed.

Unless you close to melee range, Harper 1 begins combat with poisoned missiles, including Poisoned Throwing Daggers (×3) and Arrows of Biting (×2).

If slain, Harper 1 is worth 3,000 XP and can be looted for whatever missiles and potions remain, as well as Studded Leather Armor +1 and a Shortbow +1.

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Harper 2[]

Heavily armored with Full Plate, Large Shield and a Ring of the Princes, Harper 2 (JAREV2) is a male Dwarf Fighter armed with a War Hammer +1, who can quaff potions of Potion of Extra Healing, should he need. His high Strength, Constitution and Dexterity make him a powerful fighter, worth 3,500 XP.

This warrior is scripted to consume both healing potions and the Potion of Heroism when specific thresholds are met during battle. Back to the Top  |  Harper 1  |  Harper 3  |  Harper 4

Harper 3[]

Harper 3 (JAREV3) is a male Elf Conjurer with a complement of offensive and defensive spells, as well as Darts of Stunning (×2) and Darts +1 (×6). A Quarterstaff +1 is used if you close to melee range. He is protected by a Cloak of Protection +1 and Bracers of Defense AC 6.

At the outset of hostilities will force cast three opening buffs to include Stoneskin, Minor Spell Turning and Mislead. Will then go on the offensive to include offensive damage, disabling, or summoned creature spells as scripted. May attempt Secret Word at mage class opponents. A Death Spell will be attempted. A True Sight can be attempted as well.

If slain, he is worth 3,000 XP.

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Harper 4[]

As a Fighte/cleric, Harper 4 (JAREV4) focuses on spells that aid Reviane's Group in battle, such as Bless, Defensive Harmony, Free Action and Remove Paralysis. Should they need, he can cure Light, Medium, and Serious Wounds. His only offensive spells are Miscast Magic and Charm Person or Mammal.

As a Fighter, he is well armored by Plate Mail and Small Shield +1, and either fights with his Flail +1 in melee or at range with a Sling and Bullets +1 (×10)

If slain, he is worth 3,000 XP

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Notable Loot[]

Related Quests[]

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems makes some revisions to Reviane and her group. The most obvious revisions are to the AI's scripts, allowing or smarter mage spell use, clerical spell use, and better tactical behavior of all opponents. Also, the mod balances assigned weapon proficiencies to make them fit the class rules. A summary is provided below:

  • Reviane: Has 5 pips in Halberd weapon proficiency, and 2 pips in two-handed weapon fighting style. This boosts THACO, APR, weapon speed, critical hit chances and damage output.
  • Harper 1 (Thief appearance): Only AI script changes made.
  • Harper 2 (Dwarf fighter): 5 pips in War Hammer proficiency and 2 pips in sword and shield fighting style assigned. Improved melee combat performance is noticeable.

Revised spellbook of scripted spells.