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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Reunion is a quest mod for Throne of Bhaal.


This mod let's you return to the de'Arnise Keep during the Throne of Bhaal portion of the game. The keep has once again been invaded, but this time not by trolls...

This quest is primarily about exploring the backstory of the protagonist's biological family, and answering the questions left open by the encounters with the ghosts of Gorion and the protagonist's mother.
While you're at the keep, you can also complete a few additional mini-quests.

How to start the quest[]

Enter Amkethran (in ToB, chapter 9) with Nalia in your party.
You can summon Nalia via the Fate Spirit in your pocket plane.
You don't have to actually bring her along to the quest; you just need her to unlock it.

To start the additional mini-quests at the keep:

  • Wes, Lanie's father:
    Talk to Miranda by the palisade south of the keep.
  • Chanelle the Maid:
    Talk to Jessup by the palisade south of the keep.
  • A Little Boy:
    Talk to Arat by the palisade south of the keep.
  • Gheed's request:
    Talk to Gheed by the palisade south of the keep.

External links[]

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