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There's a time limit in this quest.

Retrieve Qilue's Brain is a side quest available in chapter 5.


In Ust Natha, after the Duergar Slave has made contact and made clear to the party that they must go to 'The Master' and hear its message - then when the party approaches the strange liquid filled tank behind the slave, the occupant of the tank, an amphibian 'fish-like' creature will telepathically make contact, declaring the following:
"Hear me... hear my thoughts in your mind... I am ambassador... but I have a service I demand of you... one that you will perform discreetly and with haste."


A series of dialogue interactions will now occur with the party, with many potential comments available.

In short, you may willingly (or unwillingly) accept the Aboleth's demand to obtain the Brain of a certain Qilue priestess, which the creature wishes to study. Or, you may flatly refuse the Aboleth's threats and demands.

It is obvious through dialogue that the creature knows you are surfacers and are not drow. It uses this as leverage against the party to force an action upon you. It requires that a deed of murder and a retrieval of a drow priestess brain is undertaken, and promptly. The Aboleth makes it clear that if the party acts quickly, then will remain undetected by the city's authorities and can perform the grisly deed without any repercussions.

The Aboleth will demand that the task performed promptly or will expose your illusionary facade of being drow to the city. You are to enter Qilue's Home, kill her, carve out her brain - and return it to the Aboleth. You can either refuse to do this via selective dialogue, with threats and counter threats as well as promises of exposing the creature's treachery to the drow for 12,000 XP or complete the task for 10,000 XP.

If you finish its task, you will also receive additional experience and plunder from the drow's home and defeated inhabitants. More experience and treasure are available if the task is fulfilled than is available by refusing the Aboleth's demands. Roleplay this as desired, the choice is up to the player.

See Qilue's Home page for details, potential treasure, and explanation of the defenders' abilities.

Final actions[]

UN Quile Quest Complete

If you have decided to perform the Qilue brain retrieval task, and are successful, return the prize to the Aboleth for further dialogue and closure of this bizarre event.

The screenshot to (left) shows the closing dialogue and Journal update.


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