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Resurrection brings a dead companion back to life, if the death is not permanent, it also fully heals the affected creature.


Like the 5th-level spell Raise Dead, Resurrection will return a character back to life. However, Resurrection also heals the character so that they are ready for the adventuring life right away.


  • Original games two letters logo.pngBaldur's Gate I & II Classic
    This icon indicates content from all original Baldur's Gate games, extensions included.
    In the Original BG2, this spell has a long range and is able to fully heal the living creature, a rare property that lets the cleric to provide ranged healing besides consuming Greater Restoration scrolls, Blessed Bracers and Rod of Resurrection. Shaman's Recall Spirit is also ranged, but it doesn't heal
  • Refer to Gameplay section of Raise Dead page for more details