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Relonar is a male drow mage and is amongst a group of Ghaunadaur cultists with their various monsters and slimes. They have gathered on a large circular platform in Ust Natha. The cultists will be hostile and attempt to slay any who intrude within range of their group. The mage is accompanied by another two drow priestesses.

At the outset of battle, the mage will attempt to turn invisible and then haste itself and nearby allies. After that it will look for targets it can observe to strike with Flame Arrow or Acid Arrow spell casts. If need be, the mage can try and turn invisible again with a spell cast. If ever the creature is disrupted during a spell cast, it will have to try again the following round.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some changes to this mage, who now has an Enchanter kit. The default AI is changed to a "Smarter Mage" SCS version, which will allow for evaluating threats and looking for vulnerabilities in opponents, which in turn influences spell casting choice and attack/defense options. An entire new repertoire of available mage spells are included.

SCS will trigger an opening preparatory self-buff including Invisibility, Non-Detection, Protection From Normal Missiles and Stoneskin. It will also recognize if a party member is invisible, under stealth or sanctuary, and then attempt an appropriate divination spell. All other actions are wide open depending on threat assessments by the Mage. As an Enchanter, the spell choices are weighted towards that School with this AI script set-up.

SCS has assigned a ready to use Minor Sequencer loaded up with two spells to fire.

The mage now is assigned one pip in quarterstaff proficiency, so it no longer is non-proficient like the unmodded version. A random SCS treasure is included in the inventory.

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