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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This page documents what Region of Terror mod content is available when the player opts not to have Drizzt as a party member.

Available content[]

Explore the following content at your leasure:

Walkthrough page Summary
During chapter 2 or 6:
The Arena A new district of Athkatla that lets you fight duels to win prizes.
Has different challenges for different experience levels!
Arlax A city far south-east of Amn that offers stores, crafting, a companion, and side-quests – including three large dungeon crawls.
Westchar A village in northern Amn that offers stores and side-quests - including two dungeon crawls.
Talavan's & Olmar's Castles Two castles in Amn are at war – you can step in and help either side.
(REQUIREMENT: 1 million+ exp and 13+ reputation)
Bremen One of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale, far to the north – which offers a companion and side-quests, including extensive dungeon crawls.
(REQUIREMENT: 3 million+ exp)
(⚠️ Requires having had Drizzt in the party once, or using a cheat code!)
In any chapter:
Mod Maker's House A secret "easter egg" location.
(⚠️ Requires using a cheat code!)

Not available content[]

The mod's Main quest requires keeping Drizzt in the party for most of the Shadows of Amn portion of the game.

The following main-quest-specific locations are, as a result, also not available without Drizzt: